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Holiday Traditions
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Holiday Traditions

I open my eyes, throw the covers off my body, and run to my parents room with the biggest smile my mouth was able to mak . After jumping on their bed to wake them, I would sit eagerly beside the christmas tree wondering what gift I should open first. I would wonder to myself if the size or weight of the box would determine how amazing the gift really was. My family would take turns, one at a time until all the gifts were unwrapped.

That was many years ago and now I am excited for the christmas morning experience as a parent. I can't wait to watch their little faces glowing with excitement. As I am writing this we are watching old christmas cartoons on Netflix, and it is a huge reminder of my childhood. I feel very lucky for having amazing parents that made holidays an everlasting positive memory that is instilled in me for life. My girlfriend and I both have talked about holiday traditions our families have done all our life, and it is pleasing to conjoin our holiday traditions to make it as memorable for our kids as it was for us growing up.

The world gets caught up on giving and receiving gifts while I see it completely different. I feel fortunate to have a family to spend the holidays with. I have had a supporting family all my life that will go above, over, and beyond, throughout the year. We have each others backs, in other words. In my eyes we give our gifts throughout the year as needed. My brother and I are the same in these thoughts, so we don't expect much because we are grateful for our family helping us all year not just a couple of days a year when its trending worldwide. I believe it's important to remind the children of the world that we should always have a warm and open heart throughout the year. Give the gift of love!


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  1. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Vote #4. Love this post. I loved the holiday season and spending it with family. I regret to say, that at present, we aren't with family. Why? My family is up in Nevada, and I"m down here in Arizona. I wished, that my sons and I were up there. You talked about supportive family, I also, have a supportive family. I can't count the many times, that my family have been there for me. I am in need of them more than I'd ever thought that I'd needed then now. Why's that? Well, let me take you into a short glimpse of what is happening into my own life, and then, you'll see what it is, that I need to have my family by my side once again. You see, I'm married, and also, have a family of my own. Yes, like you, we too, enjoyed watching the glowing eyes of our four sons as they opened their gifts during the bright and early Christmas morning. Unfortunately, however, over the years, there has been some events in my life with my husband, that needs not to be brought in the open on this site, but, I will tell you this, that him and I have been having problems with our marriage since a year and a half after moving out here from the state of South Carolina. The problems just kept mounting up and up. Now, I'm at the point of saying, you know what? It's time to go our separate ways. Yes, I'm thinking of a divorce. We've had quite a marriage over the last 29 years, but during the last 20 years of them, has been nothing but problems among the both of us. I believe, that it's mostly, on him. Therefore, I believe, that it's time to part ways, and go it alone. Also, like yourself, and your family tradition, my family also, had our own tradition when my siblings and I were little growing up in Ohio and when, my mother had moved my two brothers, and I down from Ohio to W. Va. My mother had this tradition, that no one was to open any gifts until everyone had eaten breakfast. Therefore, I can remember many a times, when my oldest sister, was still in bed sleeping a while, that I'd go in there to wake her up and tell her, that we wouldn't be able to open up the gifts unless, she was up and had breakfast. So, she'd get up and gotten herself some breakfast, and then, we'd all gathered around the tree. My dad, God rest his soul, he'd be Santa Clause and passed out the gifts. We also, had a family tradition that my dad would allow us kids to open up only one gift on Christmas Eve and then, the next morning, we'd get to open the rest of them. Just fond memories they were. Therefore a while, we'd pass that tradition on down to our own sons. Unfortunately, however, that tradition, has gone out the window these past few years as my sons and I have not had a decent Christmas holiday season. I'm praying, that by this time next year, that it would be better. I'm hoping to be with the rest of my family during this time next year. Only time will tell.
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    1. Mel
      My heart goes out to you. I too cherish the family traditions and memories. Time is a wondrous event. We grow, change, move through our lives in time. Some slow, fast and different than us. As parents we hope & pray the traditions passed to us from our parents & grandparents will be as cherished & embraced by our children. Although that may not always be the case what we do have is our memories. I cherish them. And I pray for the happiness and joy for my children. I will say an extra special prayer for you that you find some peace and joy now and in the coming year.
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    2. Matthew Tilford
      Matthew Tilford
      I wish you the best this holiday season. Life is very difficult at times but those difficult times puts everything else into perspective. Do what's best for your family as a whole so that you are all happy. I will be keeping you in my thoughts in hope your situation becomes healthier. Try to stay positive and find the things in life that are important to you. I often have to take a ROLL back to recharge myself before I completely run out of batteries because if I get to low its almost impossible to get back to a happy state. I remember the things I still have and it reminds me of how lucky I am even if I am in a dark part of life.
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  2. pftsusan
    #6. Merry Christmas Matt. Thank you for sharing. I've added you to my bloggers.
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    1. Matthew Tilford
      Matthew Tilford
      Thank you very much I hope my writing continues to keep your attention. I appreciate your time while reading and voting. Happy new year!
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  3. Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Vote #7 - Lucky number "The world gets caught up on giving and receiving gifts while I see it completely different. I feel fortunate to have a family to spend the holidays with. I have had a supporting family all my life that will go above, over and beyond throughout the year." I totally agree and I can relate. As I write this, my children are around me playing with games. I'm imagining myself 10 years from now and I know that it would be different. So I'm glad that my family is around me :D Thanks for the heart warming post :)
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