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Accessible House Hunting Nightmare
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Accessible House Hunting Nightmare

We went house hunting this weekend, and it went as expected. It sucked! My fiancé’ is being transferred, so we’re moving to his home town. It will be really nice to be near family and friends.

We have an awesome realtor. She has done her homework. There’s is, however one thing that neither she, nor we, could find. A ranch style with no steps. We found steps up into one ranch (crazy). I think this only happened once, but the house had no step entry. Once you rolled in, there were steps down. Does that make any sense? We saw a ton of sunken-in living rooms, and a lot of steps down to laundry rooms that were on the first floor. Is it because it’s a ranch that they felt the need for steps somewhere? Our hearts dropped every time we saw them in each house.

While in each house, we thought we could ramp this and ramp that, but at one house, there were two stairs up to the bedroom. It looked like even ramping it, it would be hard to actually get up the ramp and hold on to laundry I might be transporting, or whatever fury creature would inevitably be on my lap at the moment.

At one point, after such a long day, I decided to just let him go look. I stayed warm in the truck. It was a freezing and windy. The few houses we did like, we would have had to renovate. We looked at the prices of the home the renovation costs to make the homes accessible, so that I could actually get inside without major drama. It wasn’t worth it. 

With that said, we are building a house that will fit our needs now and in the future. No steps, hallelujah! I’m a country girl and love the country look. I'm a huge fan of wood floors, so we are getting a new type of long-lasting flooring that looks like wood, but it lasts. We want whatever floor type we put down to be consistent throughout the house. If you change it up and put a different floor type one in kitchen and another one in family room/great room, then while you're pushing your chair, there will often be a bump. Normally it ’wouldn't bother most people, unless, that is,  you are in your wheelchair trying to get to the couch with some hot cocoa on your lap. One bump, and it’s all over. We did decide on carpet in the bedrooms.

Our builder is the best, and he’s going to put in a low wall oven  so it’s easier for me to get food in and out, and a few other non-traditional elements that will make our lives easier. After all, it’s hard enough trying to get around in the big bad world, but when you get home, it should be comfy, cozy, and you should be as independent as possible.

Another plus of our builder/neighborhood, they have never built a house with stairs. So, as an added bonus, we’ll be able to get in and out of our new neighbor's houses when we make friends. You can’t beat that with a stick. I'm so giddy, I can barely control my enthusiasm to move into a house and just decorate. We want this to be our forever home. Home Independence at last. It’s been a long time coming. I will keep you updated on the progress.


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  1. pftsusan
    Sounds like fun. Congratulations for starting the process. Voted.
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  2. beckthewreck
    II saw a new idea for pots and pans. There is a device that the pots hang from, and you pull it out of the standard cabinet. The pots are easily accessed without standing on your head while digging through the stack of pots in the cabinet. Anyone would love that. Universal design.
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  3. AnotherMissingLink
    Congrats on starting the process of a NEW home! WOOHOO House hunting for accessibility SUCKS. We finally just had a ramp installed in our apartment.
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  4. MelissaCC
    I have house envy!
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  5. Tara Richardson
    Tara Richardson
    I feel your pain MelissaCC, Beckthewreck, going to go look at the pot holders, thank you for posing and pftsusan you are always so lovely...
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  6. DanielCerritos
    Thank you for the article. This helped me on house hunting and finding contractor, luckily I found also.
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