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Eight Tips for Disability Limitations and House Cleaning
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Eight Tips for Disability Limitations and House Cleaning

House cleaning and Disability Limitations are a struggle that many have. I have found a few things that have made daily cleaning just a little easier. I use them myself and they do really help. These things may be simple, yet no one seems to think of them!

  1. Scrubbing Bubbles:  They work great as a way to scrub the kitchen floor with no bending.
  2. To Dust Mini Blinds: Take a drier sheet and dust them. It works well, and it's easy.
  3. Dusting TV’s and Electronics: Use a dryer sheet here too! It works great
  4. To Clean the Bath Tub: Buy an extra toilet brush. So much easier! 
  5. Vacuuming & Sweeping: Do it in sections and rest in between.
  6. Dishes: Soak or rinse them right after use. It makes cleaning easier.
  7. Laundry: Get a rolling laundry basket! (They're a bit pricy but well worth it.) Use a dish liquid bottle for your detergent for easy pouring.
  8. Windows: Use a coffee filter! They leave no streaks.

There you have it! Just a few ideas to make daily life easier.


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