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How I am spending the partial lockdown holiday as a person with disability
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How I am spending the partial lockdown holiday as a person with disability

As an individual with disability I've figured out how to adjust to change rapidly. Along these lines, the quick pace of changes and uncertainty due to Covid-19 is directly right up my wheelhouse.

My working game plans haven't changed things like the gym sessions I'm currently attending virtually. I've been utilizing my Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp and so forth a ton to stay in contact with my clients, friends and wellbeing experts. Covid-19 has definitely affected many of is with a disability and it helped me to remember when I initially started working at an accessible office. I now work from home. The fact is that my home work area wasn’t comfortable at all. My work area desk was a bit tall, my chair slid all over the place and wouldn't hold me up, I was working on my tiny 14-inch laptop and the lighting was way too dark in my room. What’s more, my work habits were terrible. If not for the normal breaks you take when you’re in the office to have a bit of a chat or drinks, I would sit in the same spot for so long and often work more hours than I probably should have. I made some changes, I made some adaptive modification after collecting my share of the stimulus package.

Being an individual with a disability comes with certain advantages. We don't hold up in lines, we get extraordinary seats at games and at the Opera House (regularly at limits). However, on an increasingly significant note it's allowed me to engage with occupational therapists who've assisted with fitting my work area to my requirements without any out of pocket expenses. The occupational therapists have modified my room with an adjustable-height desk, a 24-inch monitor, an ergonomic chair, an ergo keyboard, an ergo mouse and even a really cool desk lamp with adjustable brightness and warmth.

As anyone might expect my neck and shoulders loosened up, my eyes weren't as stressed, and I, for the most part, felt truly better. The fact is that some of these changes are easier and cheaper to make than others but I can’t recommend enough assessing and improving if you can. Just go for the type of modification you need and can afford.

The way I work has allowed me to build a routine that suits me. Since the pandemic began, I've been doing a bit of adaptive yoga and mindfulness for my mental and physical wellbeing with the time. When I get to my work area, I activate the alarm on my iPhone, it alerts me every 60 minutes for a break. These changes have not just improved my wellbeing they've kept me normal and expanded my yield while broadening my vocation.

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