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How The Entertainment Industry Is Improving Accessibility
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How The Entertainment Industry Is Improving Accessibility

Everyone should be able to enjoy entertainment venues, be they casinos or nightclub facilities. Now, by federal law, all hotels, resorts, and casinos must make their facilities accessible for all patrons, including those with disabilities. The U.S Department of Justice must examine, address, and analyze all complaints that are made, as well. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) all hotels, resorts, nightclubs and casinos must also perform periodic reviews to comply with the law.

When it comes to visiting any kind of entertainment venue, whether it be to unwind in a nightclub or to pick up some extra tips and play blackjack in a casino, public accommodations play a major role to ensure all individuals have their physical needs met. It is also essential that each and every person with a disability should be allowed to enjoy the full range of experiences and be able to create memories that are available to all, regardless of physical ability.

In 2008 there was a lawsuit by a man who lived in New Jersey that claimed that the vast majority of casinos in Atlantic City did not comply with the federal and state disability laws. This same man brought this to the attention of the public and the state government. He urged that more casinos become ADA compliant. This lawsuit required many casinos in the U.S to adjust their facilities in order to make them far more accessible than they had previously been.

At the time, most gaming tables, ticket booths, and cash registers were often situated far too high for people using wheelchairs. Rightfully so, the government then imposed fines and decided they would take action against the casino if the venue continued to violate the ADA laws. Since then most casinos have begun to comply with this law, as they made the necessary corrections they needed to make. In several cases, however, many issues of non-compliance remain, and there are still complaints against the gaming and night club industry throughout the United States.

One city in the U.S that has been a trail blazer of implementing these laws and actions is Las Vegas. Presently, the majority of casinos in Las Vegas now have more guest rooms accessible to people with disabilities than any other city in the nation.

Las Vegas has made sure that all hotels have accessible games, including slot machines and all classic table games. Some casinos also provide sign-language interpreters, so make sure to ask in advance. If bingo is your game of choice then casinos have Braille cards and large print cards, a few larger rooms have electronic bingo enabling blind players or people with hand dexterity challenges to play up to 100 cards at once. It is important for casinos to make a conscious decision to make all aspects of their facilities accessible to all, and rightfully so, all seem to be moving in the right direction.

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