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How a New Twist in Travel Promises to Benefit Those Who Are Rolling on Wheels
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How a New Twist in Travel Promises to Benefit Those Who Are Rolling on Wheels

In the past, any adult who relied on a wheelchair to get from place to place had little reason to think about taking a cruise. Until recently, most of the older cruise ships lacked elevators. Thanks to a new twist in travel, the absence of that on-board and all-important mode-of-lifting is about to become a thing of the past.

A growing number of travelers have chosen to enjoy a bit of river cruising. The growing demand has led to the building of more ships. The newer ships have been equipped with elevators. Of course, those adults who like to travel do not want to spend money on a river cruise, simply because they can board a vessel with an elevator. The travel industry has made it clear that catching a ride on a vessel that travels down a river, instead of going over the sea, allows cruiser to take advantage of several additional benefits. Those other benefits are features that should appeal to someone who gets around on a set of wheels.

For example, the pace of a river cruise represents an effort to bring the typical cruise’s pace down a notch of two. There is a bit less partying during the long journey that the crew and riders take between the river’s two shores. In fact, those shores are never far from the cruising vessel, and that should be viewed as a second benefit. Since the riders stay close to the shore, any mobile devices that they may have brought with them retain their connection to any landlubbers. Some of those landlubbers may have refrained from joining the others, because they perceived such cruises as an expensive luxury. That misperception underscores a third way that this new travel twist can prove beneficial. By paying an all-inclusive price, any traveler can enjoy a river-associated adventure.


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