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How a Para-Athletics Repair Centre Functions
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How a Para-Athletics Repair Centre Functions

Para-athletic events, be it any, have a huge usage of technical equipment. And every event needs a repair workshop at their disposal, which makes instant and immediate repairs to faulty equipment. A team of skilled technicians are available at all times, equipped with highly specialized tools, spare parts, and machinery. They have been trained to think critically and perform under pressure to repair any type of damaged equipment thrown at them.

A Typical Day at a Paralympic Event

The repairs that the technical teams face are not always of the conventional kind. Running a service centre for Prosthetics, wheelchairs and Orthotics is not exactly monotonous. There are times when the team is sitting completely idle and then there are other times when the service centre is jam packed and becomes very hectic to work in. Now, in any world event athletes come from different parts of the globe. This means they bring equipment of their own which might be different in its working.  So the repair centre keeps a wide variety of equipment and spare parts to be used in the case of a need.

Technical Requirements

The technicians that work at such events are highly qualified and skilled. They have a minimum of three years’ experience and are experts in the field of wheelchair and prosthetics. They are extremely skilled at welding all types of metal be it titanium, aluminum or steel. They are trained to focus on the task at hand despite the immense pressure and decreasing time factor. Wheelchairs need the most repairs at events since they are made of many parts and the probability of components getting faulty is comparatively high.  They make it a point to make sure that none of the athletes be unable to compete in an event due to faulty equipment. They work hard and together to find the solution to a problem no matter how complicated or unconventional it might be.

Their services are not solely meant for athletes. They extend their services to the entire staff that arrives with the athletes to ensure smooth running of the team.

The technicians working at such events are also very socially skilled and know how to interact with people very well. They have now reached a point where familiar faces are recognized at various events.

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