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How to Improve Accessibility for Handicapped Individuals
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How to Improve Accessibility for Handicapped Individuals

If you have someone who is handicapped in your life, it can be a challenging process navigating how to best make your home easier for him or her to use. With these solutions, your handicapped loved one can live as independently as possible and successfully navigate their home life. 

Purchase a Single Story Home

There are many benefits to homes that only have one story, but they are especially good for those individuals who are handicapped, as they do not have to worry about navigating stairs and steps, which is a common challenge. This way, you do not have to worry about putting in devices to help your loved one upstairs and much of the house will be accessible to them. Make sure to evaluate whether or not there are steps and stairs on the single story of the home that could impede mobility for a wheelchair or walker. 

Consider a Pool

A pool is a great tool for people with mobility problems to still be able to get a good workout. It exercises all of your core muscle groups and promotes endurance, but is also relatively low impact. You may be thinking it is expensive to install a pool in your backyard, but the process does not have to put a dent in your finances. Many companies offer swimming pool financing. Once the size and cost of the project has been calculated, the total price can be split into manageable payments, so you will still be able to purchase a pool that has a variety of proven benefits. 

Promote Independence

Those who are handicapped usually do not like to have assistants do tasks for them, so be sure to make the house as accessible as possible, so that your handicapped loved one can accomplish things on their own and promote independence. For instance, having grab bars in at least one bathroom is helpful and often necessary. If your family member is wheelchair-bound or cannot reach high distances, locate essential equipment and food at a lower level so that they can use the kitchen themselves. Even factors like the flooring used will make it easier or harder for someone with a disability to navigate, depending on the type of equipment they use on a regular basis. 

Measure Equipment

For those who have wheelchairs or walkers, it is vital that the entire home is accessible. To achieve this, be sure to know the dimensions of their equipment and adjust door frames, walkways, and entrances accordingly. There are many easy solutions to widening door frames to accommodate wheelchairs, such as removing door studs and expanding openings. Rearranging your furniture according to the specifications is simple and can allow your loved one to access more areas of the home without worrying about whether or not they will be able to fit. Try to leave a few inches of leeway as well, in case of awkward angles or accidents.

Install an Intercom System

With the exponential growth of technology, there are many types of inventions that can be installed in the home to benefit those who are disabled. An intercom system that is present in rooms that your loved one uses frequently can be advantageous for emergency situations, or if they require assistance with tasks that they cannot achieve completely independently. Be sure to locate access points at levels that can be easily reached if your loved one is wheelchair-bound. Because of the other benefits of intercom systems, this type of setup is ideal for a number of other reasons, such as home security and monitoring your children if you happen to be out of the room. 


Even though it can be complicated when you are moving to a new home with a handicapped individual, you can use these tips to navigate what will work best for all parties involved. With these accommodations, your loved one will be able to function as independently as possible in an environment that is designed for their needs. 

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