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How to Protect Your Floors from Dirty Wheelchair Tires
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How to Protect Your Floors from Dirty Wheelchair Tires

Autumn has arrived and with it comes the rain, mud and dirty wheelchair tires. Dirty wheelchair tires often result in dirty floors which require constant cleaning. But also there is the risk of damaging expensive floors and carpets.  How can you keep your house clean and protect your floors? What do you do when you visit a friend's house to prevent making their floors and carpets dirty?

One solution is to use a brush to clean your tires as is shown in this video by a wheelchair user.

A brush is a cheap and simple way to remove dirt and stones from your tires. There is still the possibility of damaging carpets and leaving marks on floors, however.

Another solution is to cover your wheelchair tires when you come inside the house. RehaDesign makes "Wheelchair Slippers", which cover the large rear tires of manual wheelchairs and "Wheelchair Socks" which cover the small front casters of manual wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Slippers and Wheelchair Socks are machine washable and have a special "grip" material on the inside to prevent slippage. They are available in 3 colors. Wheelchair Socks and Slippers can be purchased at and can be shipped worldwide. Unfortunately, Wheelchair Socks and Slippers are currently only available for manual wheelchairs.

Finally, there are several devices which clean wheelchair tires, such as the 3R-UNIMAT or the Scrubber, that automatically wash the tires. 

These devices are available for manual as well as power wheelchairs. However, they are quite expensive. 

Some wheelchair users keep two wheelchairs. One wheelchair is only for home use so it never goes outside. The other wheelchair is for outside use. But this is quite an expensive solution which is not practical for many wheelchair users.

What solution do you use to keep your tires or your home clean? Please share your suggestions below.

Image credit: RehaDesign

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