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How to Transport a Handicapped Person
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How to Transport a Handicapped Person

When you are in charge of transporting a handicapped person, you may be wondering what the best method is in order to make it as smooth as possible. Here are some tips for handicap transport that will help you accomplish any task quickly and easily. 

Always Bring Emergency Supplies When you are transporting someone who is handicapped or has a disability, it is vital that you carry an emergency supply kit with you at all times. Things that could be included in this kit are basic first aid materials, such as bandages and ice packs, as well as any emergency medications that may be needed. Additionally, if your handicapped friend or loved one has allergies, be sure to have an EpiPen on hand in case of a severe reaction before they can be transported to the hospital. You should keep this in an easily accessible place, such as in your vehicle, handbag, or other portable containers. 

Find the Right Vehicle Depending on what type of disability your handicapped rider has, you should search for a vehicle that works best to accommodate their needs. A good go-to for users with wheelchairs, for example, is a minivan or van with automatic sliding doors. It is important when you are searching to compare cars and ask the salesperson what features every vehicle has. This way, you can get a good idea if the car is what you are looking for. You can also bring your handicapped person with you when you are car shopping and test getting in and out of the car. Once you have found a car, consider purchasing a warranty or spending extra for features that will help your handicapped person travel in comfort. 

Have a Handicap Placard Sometimes handicapped people are limited by having to navigate rough terrain or travel significant distances. This can be difficult, so it may be a good idea to look into a handicap placard, which you can hang on your rearview mirror whenever you are traveling with your handicapped person. This way, you will be able to access parking that is close to the store or wherever you are traveling. You can apply for a handicap placard through your state Department of Motor Vehicles or a similar government entity. Be sure to read the application information, because requirements for a placard vary depending on what state you reside in. 

Know Their Needs When you are out with a disabled or handicapped person, it is important to make them feel independent but to also anticipate when they might be struggling or ask for help. For example, if you are traveling to a new place, be sure to know how to maneuver a wheelchair into different spaces or if they may need accommodations on other forms of transportation. If they are on medication, be sure to have the proper dosage ready and know when it needs to be administered. This way, both of you can enjoy yourself without worrying about too much or being stressed out.

Notify People Ahead of Time Another way that you can make it easier to transport a disabled or handicapped loved one is to make sure that they are accommodated. If necessary or possible, you should try to call ahead or contact authorities or employees of where you are traveling to and notify them about potential things that your person may need. For example, if you are looking to rent a hotel room that needs wheelchair access, be sure to request a room on the ground floor. If you are going shopping, you can ask for help or access to a store issued transportation vehicle. This way, you will not have to wait or change your plans because your disabled person is unable to complete a task. 

Traveling with a handicapped person does not have to be a difficult task. With these tips, you are sure to have everything you need and enjoy yourself in the process. 

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