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I Am a Writer
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I Am a Writer

I am a Writer.

Someone asked me once what I do all day. I don't go to a program to be watched, so I must be bored. When I announced that I was a writer, the look I got was, to say the least, one of shock. Apparently, I don't fit the writer profile. No one see's the pages of crumpled, discarded work. I'm published here, but I don't post as often as most people so how can I think I'm a writer?

Well I think I'm a writer because that is what I am. I decided that this is what I was when I was in the sixth grade and that is what I became. As for the mess associated with writing, I write everything long hand before I write it on the computer. I tend to write where I can stay the most comfortable. I lay in the bed and write. That means I use a lot of steno pads and loose leaf paper. I write about a lot of topics for blogs before I pick the one I type. Why, if I develop a lot of ideas for blogs, do I post so rarely?

I want my blog to stay upbeat. I see stuff every day that I write about in my steno, stuff that I could develop into a blog post. I live in an elderly and disability friendly building, so walking down my hall, there are at least three topics I could write about just today. Unless I can find a workable solution or an upbeat way to write about the problem, I won't post on it. Why do I follow such strict rules? I believe that we are already seen in a bad light. Companionship in the form of animals is already difficult. Transportation is difficult. Aide care is a mess. We all know it, and talking about it just makes us all more frustrated.

Why do that? Why upset health conditions that only get worse when they get upset? Am I acting like someone's mom when I make the choices I do? Yes and I don't care. We all get kicked around by life so much that I don't want to add to it. I know teens who may see this. I know parents who have a disabled child. Me moaning online will benefit no one, so I don't do it. We all decide for ourselves who we are. I decided I'm a writer. Who will you decide to be?

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  1. SignLanguage
    That's a good way of seeng things. You could probably come up with some good jokes, if that is your style, or perhaps describe a funny situation that happened to someone, maybe you too, where it all ended well (even if it wasn't so funny when the disabled person was going through it - they can look back and laugh about it later). I agree that we need this sort of article here, too. But, if you ever feel like you want to post the moaning ones, we will read and accept them. To us, they're just another way of expressing sadness, which does need to come out to make sure we stay healthy emotionally. Voted! When you have the chance, stop by my new post, More Than Just Ease of Access, and vote if you like it.
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  2. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    Voted, great blog
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  3. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Vote #4. Love this one. I am working on becoming a writer. I have several of mine already on here if you would be so kind in stopping by and reading them, if you like, you can even vote on them. Love to hear your comments on them. Again, excellent job.
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  4. pftsusan
    Your expressing yourself and that's what counts. This is a good blog. I'm a writer too. I write somethings out in long hand that are personal to only me. For everything else, all my work and speed needed, I use keyboards and internet. I invite you over to my latest, "Don't Change What You Are: The Bethany Hamilton Story". Please vote if you like it.
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  5. ANewLife
    Most people working from home get such a look.
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  6. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. This is indeed a great blog, you are clearly very conscientious about your writing.
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  7. Scott Desmond
    You can do anything you put your mind to doing.
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  8. DorianMaster
    I like this article, very informative and interesting
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