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I am Standing up for the Disabled. Will you?
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I am Standing up for the Disabled. Will you?

 Now that I have MS and have had several relapses and landed back in my wheelchair, I have noticed there are several stores and buildings that I just cannot go into. This is very unfair to individuals with disabilities. I realize that in a small town (where I am the only disabled person), there is not a great need and it is a big expense. But a wooden ramp at least would be nice, so I could enter buildings.

This is all bad enough in a small town, but I have noticed the same problem in big cities. I guess it is their way of keeping the disabled out. But, little do they know, I am out to change this. I will not stand for this blatant disrespect and discrimination of the disabled.

It is time we all stand up for what is right. Disabled people have rights too. We should be able to go anywhere an able bodied person goes. I am standing up for what’s right. Will you? 

What most people cease to realize, is that some time in their life, either due to injury or age , they too will become disabled.  Why not make life easier for people with disabilities now, if not of out of ethics and kindness, because you know at some point in your life you too will likely be in their position? Consider that investing some of your time in the causes and just accessibility and treatment of individuals with disabilities is an investment in your own future and the lives of those you love. We can build a better, brighter, more inclusive future together if we stand (literally or metaphorically) for those whose voices are often drowned out in the crowd.


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  1. pftsusan
    I will always be standing up for the disabled and obese. Good post.
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  2. tinglemeyer
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