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I have found the Holy Grail Of Shoes!
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I have found the Holy Grail Of Shoes!

In the midst of our current global predicament. I want to share some positive news! I believe I have found the Holy Grail Of shoes! 

Yes! After 8 months of use my Nike Pegasus Zoom 36 shoes with Flyease (size 11) still have no holes!

For an active person with Cerebral Palsy, this is a remarkable miracle. I am 52. I have Cerebral Palsy and I am an athlete.

It has been difficult to do marathons in light of the current state of the world. But, I have done my best to stay active. Walking a great distance or not, I still wear my shoes. I alternate between a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 33’s and my 36’s. I got them both within a month of each other.  I love them both and they have worn down almost identically. You know what? Neither pair of shoes have holes yet. I am going on 8 months. In my 52 years on this earth. I have never, I repeat, never had a pair of shoes go entirely hole less for longer than six months.

See the photo of my left shoe above. It shows wear and some pealing tread but there are no holes in my 36’s... or my red 33’s either. Not only are these shoes the most durable I have ever had. They are also the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. Why? These shoes are THE lightest shoes I have ever had as well. Until now, if a person with CP wanted shoes to last they had to be heavier, leather, even steel-toed. You could not get durable shoes that were both comfortable and tough. If they were durable they were heavy. If shoes were comfortable and light they didn’t last long at all. I know, I have tried every variation known on this earth! 

Folks, I know what you may be thinking. “ This Guy is on Nike’s payroll “ Nope, I am not. I am just a guy who is really happy to finally find a pair of shoes that work for me. I am excited to share this news with the active disabled community out there… I know I am not alone!

But, that’s not all! I hear that the new Nike Zoom Pegasus 37’s are even lighter and tougher! Check em out here!

Until my soles have holes and my toes meet the street…. Keep movin' y’all because CP…. is just a speed bump!


Image credit: Arnie Slater

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  1. 4realz
    That's great to hear Arnie! Glad they're working out for you.
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  2. Elsalspeth
    Through this blog I have found the Holy Grail Of Shoes!. This product is the best product of this blog. Now am sharing the best product which is really reliable for you. And i found it really for boxers who want the who can make your look when you are playing boxing. So don't be miss the chance and visit the link to get the most reasonable gloves for make your game.
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    1. Arnold Slater
      Arnold Slater
      Good to know! Thank you!
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