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Ignite 2.0 an Inclusive Online Event Where People With And Without Disabilities Had Showcased Their Talents
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Ignite 2.0 an Inclusive Online Event Where People With And Without Disabilities Had Showcased Their Talents

During this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, from conducting classes for children to providing entertainment to society almost everything is happening online. Recently, there was an inclusive event hosted by team ‘Love Actually’ called Ignite 2.0, where people with and without disabilities had used an online platform to showcase their talents.

The Ignite 2.0 was held between 12 to 14 June and had been conducted through the Instagram Live option. The main goal of this event was to make the world understand that even people with disabilities can be fun and entertaining, they also should be included in mainstream entertainment just like everyone.

According to the team, the three days event was an amazing experience and they are going to keep hosting such events for the community.

The actual timing of the three days online event was 5 pm to 6 pm, but they had to extend the time for another half hour because their performers were doing a remarkable job and did not want to end it so soon.

There were a total of 16 participants from across India who had come together to showcased their talents in instruments, dance, DJ’ing, poetry, and music.

Vinayana Khurana, Suman Thapliyal, Purvi Palan, Divya Shankar, and Sachin Shetty were the performances on the first day of the event, which was hosted by Pulkit Sharma.

The second day was hosted by Shagun Pathak where Sanjana Bhola, Gopi Krishna, Pranay Makhija, Supriya Kaushik, and Anuj Saxena had given some remarkable performances. Sharayu Gosavi, Happy Kumar, Ranjan Raman, Arpan Arora, and Benzy performed on the third day, which was hosted by Krishna Parulekar.

The Instagram Live event had gained more than 6000 views. Many people were cheering and hooting for the 16 performers and this motivated them to give in their best, says Tanushree, and she wants to thanks the viewers for the support and love.

Ansha Sayed, Kamlesh Patel, Rakshanda Khan, Archana Vednerkar and Swagata Shah are the celebrity influencers who were present at the three days live show.

Image credit: Engin_Akyurt /Pixabay

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  1. JudySSS
    It's good that there are such events.
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  2. bobbrencher01
    Everyone should have participated because it is so fun.
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  3. tintin333
    it's great to make the society more inclusive and also to entertain people during the quarantine time ! Baptiste from
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  4. LucyMon
    I just knew about this. Wow! Happy to know that there are events like this that are happening all around the world.
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  5. ChrstnaCo
    Love this! Hope we can plug this on our social media to attract more participants.
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  6. glassjarleads
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  7. DC13
    It's awesome to hear about people thriving during covid.
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  8. brigadafila
    I really like reading such articles about strong people who have to face difficulties like this It looks really brave sometimes! cv writing uk is also availiable for all people no matter for healthy or disabled...
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  9. DC13
    It's amazing that these events are still happening.
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  10. jackslesly19
    Many thanks approving towards the great data. Purely nondiscriminatory wen upwards!
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  11. Casey Bura
    Glad to see events like this. More people need to see this type of positive stories. Thank you for sharing. <a href="" a> 
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  12. GlennCrowder
    This was an amazing event. I was able to attend and be part of this and I truly thank you for making it possible.
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  13. magnoliagardens
    I'm so glad they are doing things like this!!!
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  14. wootenhuber
    On the second day Shagun Pathak hosted some remarkable performances by Sanjana Bhola, Gopi Krishna, Pranay Makhija, Supriya Kaushik, and Anuj Saxena.
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