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Inspired to Keep Riding
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Inspired to Keep Riding

There are a lot of people around the world whose life goal is to live life with a greater purpose, lend a helping hand no matter what, or simply do what they can that will inspire others. A great example comes from a man in Norway.

Vidar Ormestoyl is a 59-year-old man from Norway whose goal is to help people who are battling cancer. He started a journey that will help raise money for cancer charities. Just this July, Vidar began cruising Norway’s most northerly point, Nordkapp, until he reaches Tonsberg, the southern part of the country. With the help of ski poles, Vidar propels his wheelchair as he travels 10 kilometers every day.

And yes, Vidar uses a wheelchair. In 1993, he was struck by a rare condition known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. It is a disorder wherein the body’s immune system attacks parts of the peripheral nervous system. Because of GBS, Vidar’s entire body was paralyzed for almost a year.

He underwent therapy and physical rehabilitation. It took him about six years to regain some mobility. But the after-effects of GBS still affect Vidar.

In 2013, Vidar’s health was again threatened when he developed lymphoma. Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system and its symptoms include fever, enlarged lymph nodes, weight loss, drenching sweats, and itching. He then underwent radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

During his battle with cancer, Vidar met a lot of people in the hospital. His gentle heart was touched seeing patients, especially children trying to overcome the dreadful disease. And he was disheartened and upset when those he met did not make it.

After conquering the battle with lymphoma, Vidar could not help but think of the people he met in the cancer hospital. And so, after recovering, he vowed to do something to help them, especially the young ones.

That is why today, Vidar aims to finish 10 kilometers every day to raise awareness and funds for the cancer patients. He is also asking and encouraging others to join him on his journey. His experiences inspire him to keep riding.

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