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IntelliWheels Starts Letting You Tinker with Your Own Wheelchair Design
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IntelliWheels Starts Letting You Tinker with Your Own Wheelchair Design

Customization is all the rage in the modern world. Consumers in the 21st century love to add their own special touch to all sorts of products from phones to shoes. As a result, countless companies are now offering their own specialize customization systems in stores and online, enabling their customers to build their own products and select individual pieces and designs. Well, a company called IntelliWheels has decided to apply this modern trend to the world of wheelchairs. The company’s latest innovation, known as Project Tinker, offers wheelchair users the ability to build their own chairs from the ground-up. This is an exciting new initiative and could improve the quality of life for many individuals with mobility issues.

The founders of IntelliWheels, Marissa Siebel and Scott Daigle, observed the ways in which people enjoyed customizing their products and asked themselves if this format would work with wheelchairs. So far, the answer has been a resounding “yes,” as Project Tinker is quickly becoming popular. The online platform is easy to use and comes with various options, allowing each customer to use their home laptops, tablets, or personal computers to create their ideal wheelchair. The thinking behind the idea was logical: Siebel and Daigle believe that, as a wheelchair is something that people have to use every single day of their lives, they need to feel comfortable with it. If something is wrong with a chair, it can make life uncomfortable or inaccessible for the user, and this simply shouldn’t happen.

Traditionally, wheelchair users have to speak to dealers and therapists, along with filling out reams of paperwork to order a chair. The individual wheelchair is then built and this process can take several months. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made in this process and unscrupulous manufacturers can even decide to add additional fees onto the final bill, resulting in some nasty surprises for the buyer. The new Tinker platform removes all of these problems. Wheelchair users can place an order from the comfort of their own homes and have full control over every aspect of the final product. The company is communicating with different manufacturers to develop individual customization systems for each customer.

The company has a long history of wheelchair innovation and has also developed specialized gears wheels and ergonomic hand grips in the past. The recent release of the Tinker platform is the latest milestone in the history of the IntelliWheels company. It’s certainly interesting to see medical-oriented companies making great strides in innovation and adapting more modern, consumer-driven trends to provide better options for their customers. Tinker will be able to help wheelchair users have more time for themselves and less worry about receiving poorly-constructed chairs or having to pay hidden fees. A wheelchair is an incredibly important item life enhancement for many, so it’s encouraging to see companies like IntelliWheels working to make the production of these chairs more personal and efficient.

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