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International Day of Acceptance Coming January 20th
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International Day of Acceptance Coming January 20th

Did you know that January 20th is the International Day of Acceptance? January 20th is a day, created by the 3E Love company dedicated to social acceptance of disability. 3E Love is a five-year-old company that created their well-known 3E Love Heart wheelchair symbol which is dedicated to promoting a social model of disability. Their 3E Love wheelchair heart logo is available on t-shirts, clothing, bags, stickers and more through their website.

3E Love dedicated January 20th as the International Day of Acceptance in part to honor the memory of 3E Love founder Annie Hopkins, who passed in 2009. The website explains, “If people all over the world would embrace their challenges and accept others no matter their ability, Annie's message and lifestyle would be alive forever.”

The goals of January 20th are to “Embrace diversity. Educate your community. Empower each other. Love life.” 3E Love has even created a special shirt for January 20th for the International Day of Acceptance that you can order from their website. When people see the wheelchair heart or the day of acceptance shirt, it starts a conversation and a conversation can be the first step in spreading awareness and creating positive change.

So how can you help celebrate January 20th? Consider wearing the international day of acceptance shirt and when someone asks you about it, you can tell them your story! Are you someone with a disability or a friend, family member or professional who works with the disability community? January 20th is the perfect opportunity to show your support and share your experiences.

You could organize a party to celebrate January 20th, consider submitting a letter to your local newspaper to spread the word, post a status about January 20th to your Facebook, Twitter or other media and tell everyone what the day of acceptance means to you!! Ask your employer if you can hang up flyers around your workplace or put up a sign in the back of your car window or in your yard.

3E Love describes “acceptance” as the following:

"Acceptance is created from an Empowered movement that Educates others to Embrace diversity and Love Life by seeing beyond abilities."

What does “acceptance” mean to you?

January 20th is a great opportunity for all of us to remember to “accept everyone no matter their ability.” Looking past one’s ability, can help us discover everyone’s true capabilities, resulting in great rewards at home, in the work place and in our families.

Do you have any plans for celebrating January 20th? Share in the comments!


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