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Introducing Hands Free Wheelchair: The OGO
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Introducing Hands Free Wheelchair: The OGO

For many years, countless research and technology labs all around the world have tirelessly been working towards improving standards of life for individuals with disabilities. In a surprising twist, it’s not a huge corporation or well-funded research department that has developed the latest innovation. Instead, two best friends, one of them an inventor and the other a paraplegic, joined forces to develop OGO. OGO is the name they have given to the latest revolution in wheelchair technology, a hands-free wheelchair that has the potential to improve countless lives across the globe.

The story began with Kevin Halsall and Marcus Thompson. Halsall is an inventor and engineer from New Zealand. From an early age, he has had a fascination with technology and the inner-workings of machines. Thompson is the best friend of Halsall and happens to be in a wheelchair. He became paralyzed below the waist after a skiing accident but retains an active lifestyle to this day. The two friends decided to work together to develop the OGO after Halsall went on a Segway ride with some friends. Having ridden the Segway, Halsall imagined that the technology used to power that machine could be modified to suit a wheelchair.

At that moment, a great idea was born. Halsall then decided to strip down a Segway and integrate its various mechanisms and sensors into a wheelchair. The final product, the OGO, is a chair that works in an entirely hands-free fashion. This means that wheelchair-bound people using the OGO are able to move around without having to rely on their own arms or another person to push them. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities where these disabled individuals will be able to take up more sports and perform simple daily tasks far more easily than before. The device itself works in a similar way to a Segway, using sensors and the user’s body weight to move and change direction.

Since unveiling the invention, the two friends have been bombarded with offers from healthcare organizations and hospitals around the world. This wheelchair is clearly making its mark on the world and will hopefully be available for use in the near future. Interestingly enough, Halsall and Thompson don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. They have announced that this is just the first version of the OGO, and the pair already have plans to improve the design in a myriad of ways in the future. Together, they hope to create other types of OGO that can suit people with different disabilities.

It’s also worth noting that the OGO is an all-terrain vehicle, and this facet of the device opens up even more possibilities for the user. With the OGO, people in wheelchairs will have a much higher quality of life. The fact that this incredible device was developed by two men with a shared passion just goes to show the sort of things that people are capable of. Hopefully the OGO will start rolling out soon for global use.

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