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Let's Stand Up
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Let's Stand Up

For some wheelchair users, their equipment cannot live up to their level of activity or drive. But with the new wheelchair developed by Kiron, the option of standing is presented to those who would traditionally travel while seated. With this new wheelchair, it’s time to stand up.

Cerebral palsy is a congenital condition that affects movement, muscle tone and motor skills. Born with this condition, Juan Ayala has great difficulty in standing up. He has used a wheelchair his entire life and sometimes has a hard time performing simple day-to-day tasks. His limited view of the people and the places around him make him feel uncomfortable.

But these days are already gone. Thanks to the new motorized mobility chair created and developed by Kiron, a Chilean company aiming to give wheelchair-bound people a better, more convenient and meaningful life.

The stand-up wheelchair utilizes the existing technology but the design of the chair is much simpler than the other standing chairs already on the market. Francisco Espinoza, the deputy director of Kiron said that the simple design of their stand-up mobility chair uses a unique system they call “Get Up”. Their aim of developing and manufacturing this kind of chair is to let every person needing it purchase and own one without complications.

The chair allows the user to stand upright from a seated position. The nearly full upright stature of the user enables him to do tasks which can be done standing, like washing the dishes or opening the windows. The chair prevents the individual from falling by operating in a simple locking mechanism wherein the knees and torso or trunk are secured as the seat works to let the user to stand up.

Chilean physiotherapists of the company, who are one of the main members of the design team, stated that the chair has great benefits, and one is in the psychological area. of Juan Pablo Rodriguez conveyed that those wheelchair-bound people are often upset because they are literally looked about upon because their seated position. The standing wheelchair opens up the opportunity to face to face eye contact and shaking hands. 

With the chair enabling them to stand up, users have a psychological boost because of a new perspective. These individuals experience a sense of gained freedom and independence as well as being able to better carry out everyday tasks.

Today, Ayala is enjoying his new stand-up chair given by Kiron. He stated that he feels great because he can now perform simple tasks and can help around the house. He can go to the toilet, wash the dishes, open the window and even look people in the eye. He also said that he has a new and wonderful perspective on the world.

With Kiron’s stand-up wheelchair, many individuals will be given the option of standing up again, looking at their surrounding in a different point of view, and finding a new kind of freedom and independence. This new device will be an innovation many will be looking forward to be available in the market.

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