Rolling Without Limits

Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

JUST Disabled?
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JUST Disabled?

Just disabled? Yes we are.

I say this, because compared to all the other things people who are disabled are, disabled is the least important. Yes, we have to live through hell and pain in some respects, but to awake another day, to laugh, smile, giggle, to smell a flower, this is what makes it all worthwhile. We are your neighbors, your friends, hard workers, your family, your friends. We live, and breathe, and sometimes we even get to play! We love just like everyone else, but we also hurt sometimes. Pain every day is a feeling that most of us have to live through. We have to be stronger and generally tougher than those without disabilities.

We have to endure, and we have to fight, but we will thrive. Sure, pretty much every day brings a reason to give up, but even more reasons to continue living! Whatever your disability, whoever you are, wherever you are, NEVER EVER give up! Every day that we live is another day we prove how important we are. We are the ones who show the world how to be strong we are, the ones who hold everything together ,and we are the ones who have so much to teach

! Life, no matter your quality of life, is a precious, fragile thing, and we must persevere. We must overcome to show this world that we do exist and we will not be second class! I hope to see a world where everyone is accepting and loving of people who are different, in any way. We deserve a happy life just like everyone else. No one should ever be able to take that from us, and no one can, as long as we do not let them. This includes our selves and our very own minds. When your mind is telling you no, and your body is giving out, force yourself to remember that you're better than this that and you WILL be okay! So yes. We may be just disabled, but literally that's all we are; just disabled. No big deal, because despite disabilities, we're pretty friggin' awesome!

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