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John Abraham Encourages Others to Help Differently-Abled People Amid The Pandemic
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John Abraham Encourages Others to Help Differently-Abled People Amid The Pandemic

In this COVID-19 pandemic, many people across India are facing various problems, especially those with disabilities. The Bollywood actor John Abraham has asked the fans to lend a hand to the differently-abled community. It is very important people with disabilities are not left behind, this is the important message shared by the actor through his social media profile.

On behalf of the Deaf Child Worldwide and Handicap International, there was a message shared by the 47-year-old star through his Twitter account. "With the number of #COVID19 cases increasing every day in India it is very important people with disabilities are not left behind and get the support they need. As coronavirus spreads, people with disabilities are at heightened risk. Approximately 30 million Indians live with disabilities and face barriers in their daily lives." This tweet was shared with a picture of the guidelines to support people with disabilities.

The star has pointed out the most specific problem faced by the differently-abled community in this pandemic. Most of the people with disabilities are dependent on others to dress, bathe, and eat. Now, it's difficult for them to maintain physical distancing and self-isolation. Hence, society should make sure that people with disabilities are safe during the ongoing pandemic, John added.

The star's tweet had also involved a picture with the guidelines on how the community members, workers, and officials should manage children and adults with disabilities.

The differently-abled people and their caretakers need to know about how this virus spreads from one person to another and how they should be safe from COVID-19, eg; hygiene and social distancing. As the lockdown keeps increasing to different dates, it creates various problems for some people with disabilities, such as a person who has autism can have a problem staying indoors for a such long time.

The actor has also requested public communication to make the knowledge of coronavirus accessible for people with disabilities, such as braille for the blind or sign language or written text for the deaf. Essential items like masks, food, gloves, and virus testing should also be provided to the differently-abled community.


Image credit: T-Series/ YouTube Screencap

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    it's really touching to see that some people are thinking about others and advocating for their rights. Tintin from
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