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KINOVA JACO Assistive Robotic Arm Helps Wheelchair Users Lead More Independent Life
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KINOVA JACO Assistive Robotic Arm Helps Wheelchair Users Lead More Independent Life

Handling day-to-day tasks can be difficult for people with limited mobility, but a new robot arm might just be able to help them lead a more independent lifestyle.

KINOVA Robotics, a safe and responsible robotic technology company based in Quebec, Canada, has come up with an assistive robotic arm dubbed 'JACO,' which is designed to empower wheelchair users and give people with mobility limitations a better life.

JACO is basically a robotic arm that works and acts exactly like a human arm. As a result, people with restricted or no mobility in their upper limbs can now enjoy an improved level of independence.

Giving you the option to choose between 2 0r 3 finger grippers, the JACO robotic arm can be effortlessly mounted onto any power wheelchair. Once integrated, the arm enables its user to conduct daily tasks such as opening doors, lifting an object, etc, without breaking a sweat.

While talking to Digital Trends, Kinova's head of Marketing Sarah Woolverton said, "Kinova integrated the arm into existing controls to make the arm as intuitive and simple to master as possible."

Aside from that, this lightweight device ensures risk-free movement, thus improving the overall quality of life of the user. Capable of seamlessly performing 16 movements, the JACO has been designed to act like a fully functioning human arm.

In order to achieve this, the device has been outfitted with a six-axis movement feature that works with the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. The user can control the arm by combining multiple interfaces such as the chair’s joystick, head control, sip-and-puff, head array system, etc.

JACO is made using high-quality carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight, yet durable, and weather-resistant. 

You can check out JACO in the promotional video below and get an idea about how it works.

Image credit: KINOV/YouTube screencap

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  1. Vinay Patel
    Vinay Patel
    That's a really helpful invention.
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    1. Sana Khan
      Sana Khan
      Indeed it is!
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  2. Aniket Macwan
    Aniket Macwan
    Thank you for sharing this very useful information!
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