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Keeping Track
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Keeping Track

About twenty years ago, I would try diets and exercise regimens where you keep track of everything you eat, and all of the exercises you do, including their amount,  duration etc. It drove me crazy, because it seemed like I was doing more writing than anything else. It was just too much to do. I wasn't comitted to reducing my intake or increasing my exercise, nor was I really excited to track everything. 

So during my young adult life, I stayed fat, unhealthy, unmoving, and eventually didn't care about how I looked or felt. 

I have always been around horses in some form or fashion. I love riding, and this year I intended on owning my own horse for the first time ever. Reality set in quickly. I couldn't ride until I lost roughly 100 lbs. 

I wasn't about to go back to the old "track it" system. I wasn't thrilled about it then, so surely I wasn't going to stick with it now. Instead, I don't pay so much attention to what I eat, but how much I eat. 

When I brought Cookie home (my horse) it was just before Thanksgiving. You can only imagine. There is that so good, not so good for you, fantastic smelling, outrageous tasting, holiday food. YUMMY! I already had a head start by not eating near as much as I use to, so I figured this wouldn't be so bad. Even if I ate too much, it wasn't a big deal, and I wasn't going to beat myself up. Let's face it, we are fragile creatures, and this day and age, there will always be that someone, or even a group of people who will verbally beat you up based on your looks. No one needs that, ever! 

Between holidays, I read an article about burning calories and such. The one thing that stuck out like a huge lightbulb was this: You have to burn five hundred more calories than you take in. Okay, so I don't count calories either. Nope. Not even 1 calorie do I count. Instead, I get moving. Cookie helped in that department quite a bit. Keeping her paddock clean at least three times a day kept me moving, and still does. Once I became adjusted to that much movement, I had to add more in order to continue to burn calories. 

So in comes removing plants and bushes that are not good for Cookie to eat. Digging, cutting & dragging limbs, shrubs, vines and roots, gave me that extra movement as well as added a new range of motion to the mix. I still have plenty yard work left to do, but the weather hasn't been cooperating so I turn my attention to fixing up her stall. 

During a doctors visit back in November, just before Cookie came home, I had weighed 305 pounds. After getting moving and even going through two major food holidays, I weighed again in January 2013. I weighed 295 lbs. I actually LOST during those two months. 

I think I'm onto something here! For me, I eat what I want. I just don't eat until I'm about to pop at each meal. I eat as close to portion size as I can, and if I'm still hungry I'll grab a couple of crackers & I drink A LOT of water. Then, I don't get all crazy about what I'm eating or how many calories is in it. 

This may not work for you, but if tracking your food is driving you crazy, you can give this a try and see how it works for you. The only thing to be very mindful of, is portion size. Once you get your mind set on what a portion is, get moving and don't sweat the small stuff. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog & if you did I would appreciate your vote. Thank you & have a blessed day! 

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  1. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Vote #2. Excellent Blog. Welcome to the site. Love this article. I too, need to start eating healthier to stay healthy. I think, that we all need to start eating. Hey, if you would mind, stopping by my blogs, and check them out and let me know just what you think of them, I'd greatly appreciate it. Now, I know, some of them aren't up to par on grammar and spelling. I need to work on that thought, but I'm getting there. I'm still yet, kind of new at this thought of writing on the internet. So, all comments and suggestions are welcomed. Look forward to reading more from you on here.
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    1. Rene
      Thank you for the welcome & the vote. For me, when I took the emphasis off of tracking & paying super close attention to all that detail stuff, it became easier to eat the right foods more often & change what I eat. Good luck with your healthy regimen :)
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  2. SignLanguage
    Welcome Rene! I am naturegirl from ofhorse! Glad to see you here! Well, I agree that making yourself go crazy about your food isn't the way to lose weight. Would you be open to a suggestion or two? All you need is to focus on one thing at a time. For some, the journal works well, but I never recommend anyone keeps one for more than three weeks. After that time, people are aware of their eating habits. The portion sizes are definitely going to help you out. As you say, learning to listen to your body and stopping when you're full is a huge step already. Koodos to you! Afterwards, once you feel like changing things, you can start small. Some people, like me, need to take it one small step at a time. I used to be borderline obese, and today, I am at a weight level that is just above what is considered underweight, and I still have a big ball of unwanted fat on my stomach. I look pregnant and want to get rid of it, and I will. this journey started 10 years ago for me. To tell you the truth, I am happy with the way things progressed. I hope you make it to your dream weight as well - one step at a time. Voted! My latest article here is Deaf Culture, part II. You could read part one first, and vote for me, please! I'll be looking out for you here!
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    1. Rene
      Hi naturegirl! & Thank you for the welcome! Thank you for the suggestions also. I like the idea of starting small.. lol my motto, keep it simple! Stay encouraged, sometimes that can be difficult, however you've come quite a ways & you will get rid that belly ball. :) I too will keep any eye out for your posts also. Thank you again! :)
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  3. pftsusan
    Hi Rene. Voted. I'm a certified personal trainer specializing in weight loss. Kick Boxer and ultimate fighter, I was an bodybuilder and power lifter. Just like 80% of american (I'm in training for 38 years now, 5 days on, two days off) for 33 of those years, I knew how to lose the weight, but not how to keep it off. In 2003 when I was over 300 lbs, I had to get out of the prison in mind first, to release the physical prison that my body was locked up in. That when I had the epiphany to clean it up now and get healthy to have extra and quality years in my life for myself. April 16 will be my sixth birthday in keeping off 125 lbs. This sounds like you are on a good track with eating. Are you also exercising? I'm also a Spin Instructor too. I invite you to my latest blog on Disability Right Series: SSI. Please vote if you like it.
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    1. Rene
      Thank you for your vote & wow! What an incredible journey you're having! Congratulations on your 6th birthday with your weight. That is awesome. I do exercise nearly every day, or at least attempt to. Having Cookie (my horse) in my backyard, I have to scoop poop every day. I also try to lunge her for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on weather. Even though we're going in a large circle, I walk & jog with her a good bit of the time. When I'm on in between times, I'm usually working on her stall, sawing limbs, removing shrubs, vines & other things she's not allowed to eat. Sometimes instead of lunging I take Cookie for a 20-30 minute fast walk around my neighborhood. I do as much as I can physically until my carpal tunnel kicks in & I have to slack off until it calms back down again. So far, so good though. :)
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  4. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #7 thanks for the tip, I'm working on that now
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