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Lava Tree State Park Promoting Better Accessibility
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Lava Tree State Park Promoting Better Accessibility

Individuals who use wheelchairs often experience difficulties in getting to certain places – be it into boats or buildings with too many stairs. However, a recently undertaken project has given everyone a reason to rejoice. A trail in one of Hawaii’s most famous parks has now become wheelchair friendly, making it accessible to everyone out there.

About Lava Tree State Monument

Located in the Puna District, the Lava Tree State Park has for a long time been a favorite refuge for holiday-goers and nature enthusiasts alike. Situated 2.7 miles away from Pahoa, it is known for its tall lava mounds of dead trunks that are still there. The site was long ago swept by a volcanic eruption which resulted in its current volcanic look.

It consists of a 0.7-mile trail that forms a loop and gives you views of beautiful vines, ferns, sword ferns, and a whole deal more. Taking a hike along this naturally rich trail will certainly make for a pleasurable adventure. Picnicking is also frequently done in this area by families and friends, making for a very comfortable atmosphere for all who visit.

Since the route that people take is paved, it enables people to easily make their way through the different lava formations that dot the entire area. However, this trail is designed only for walking. Mountain biking is not permitted because of the multiple lava formations all over the place.

What Will the Project Undertake?

Having begun on Monday, 6th of February, this project is expected to cost $115,600 and be completed by mid-July. The project simply seeks to make the trail accessible to anyone and everyone. They plan on doing this by reducing the slopes on the trail, thereby making them more traversable.

At the same time, the contractors have been told to replace all the trails that are not properly paved or that have become uneven over the course of the years. There will also be a greater number of rest stops that will be built along the long paths and lastly, signs and boards that indicate the right way to go, all of which will help in making this trail more wheelchair friendly.

Changes Expected

Although the park is going to undergo a much-needed facelift, it will not be completely closed to the public. Only certain areas that are being worked on will be cordoned off so that visitors and holiday-goers can still enjoy the rest of the place.

The park has made sure that there won’t be any inconveniences incurred by taking the initiative to inform tour groups about the project and its temporary restrictions in the park.

Although this park has always been working to keep itself in good shape, with frequent tree trimming and trail improvement projects being undertaken, it goes without saying that getting another trail to become wheelchair friendly, is by far the best improvement made. And certainly one that will make the lives of many people so much happier.

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