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Lazy Boy Wheelchair Turning Heads
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Lazy Boy Wheelchair Turning Heads

Guy Orvis, a resident of Denver, longed for a solution to his constant feelings of restlessness at home. That's when he decided to take matters into his own hands. Inventing an idea that has never been thought of before, today, Guy and his Lazy Boy wheelchair are turning heads as they move around town.

What Drove the Idea?

There wasn’t much that could help Guy occupy himself in his apartment building, as moving out all the time was not easy for him. This is what made him decide to engage himself in a new project. He got his hands on an old wheelchair that he possessed and decided to take it apart so that he could use the motor of the vehicle and instead of using the wheelchair chair, he attached his recliner to it.

With the invention created and tested, he believes that every man needs to have one of these chairs to have fun in. This is why, most days, you can see Guy cruising along the road at 6 mph in his Lazy Boy wheelchair as everyone turns their heads his way.

Although able to walk, Orvis had an injury a couple of years ago which resulted in a permanent disability. This made it hard for him to walk for long distances and affected his stability, thus making a chair like this an ideal solution for his situation.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Although Orvis had learned to get around in his wheelchair, one could not deny the fact that traveling far can be tiring for a person in the wheelchair. However, Orvis did not let himself get dejected, and instead, with a jovial spirit, he chose not to focus on the negative side of it.

In fact, when he felt his Lazy Boy wheelchair was not grabbing much attention, as he had presumed it would, he decided to take it up a notch and added a fog machine to the back. He further modified it so that he could pop a wheelie as well. Doing stunts as he moved, Orvis truly enjoys seeing the questioning glances and wonder on the faces of the people he passes.

Making Waves Today

Today, Orvis has turned his spur of the moment idea into a thriving business, putting together Lazy Boy wheelchairs for all those who wish to have a comfortable ride wherever they go. Not only has it provided additional comfort to people who use wheelchairs but the smile that lights up the faces of people has been a source of motivation for him. He says it is those simles that helps him carrying on.

Orvis loves the gadget for the sole purpose that even when he is at home, he doesn’t need to get off his chair to head over to the fridge or grab the remote. He can now do it while sitting right there in his comfortable chair.  It is because of its efficiency and the ease with which Orvis uses it, that the Lazy Boy wheelchair is turning heads as it moves along the streets.

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