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Let Meditation Be Your Medication!
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Let Meditation Be Your Medication!

I have been meditating regularly for around a year now and I can confirm that it has many health benefits. Not just in making you feel more calm and less stressed (although those bonuses are not in the least unimportant, I am sure you will agree!) It also helps the body with physical health problems, as well as the mind, and can cure or alleviate illnesses and stop or reduce pain. Scientific studies have shown that meditating regularly can help relieve symptoms  even in people who suffer from chronic pain. Researchers at MIT and Harvard have now found a possible explanation for this phenomenon: people trained to meditate over an eight-week period were better able to control  specific types of brain waves called alpha rhythms. 

I would recommend anyone with health problems, illnesses and disabilities to practice meditation regularly, as I am sure you will find it can help with your condition enormously. Here are some of the physiological benefits:

1- Helps your heart, lungs and blood pressure, since it lowers oxygen consumption, decreases respiratory rate, increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.

2- - Increases exercise tolerance and leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.

3- Decreass muscle tension.

4- Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.

5 - Helps in post-operative healing.

6- Boosts the immune system.

7 - Reduces effect of viruses and emotional distress.

8 - Enhances energy, strength and vigour.

9 - Helps with weight loss and helps you maintain your ideal weight.

10- Prevents, slows or controls pain of chronic diseases.

11- Makes you sweat less!

12- Cures headaches & migraines.

13 –Gives you a reduced need for medical care.

 14- Less energy wasted

15- Helps you feel more inclined towards sports and activities.

All those physical health benefits, (and more) and that is not to mention all the psychological and spiritual rewards, like improved concentration and memory, greater creativity and intuition, an increased sense of general well-being and “connectedness”, and the list goes on! Additionally, meditation is completely free, requires no special equipment or environment, and is not complicated to learn (although it does take some practice at first to be able to quiet your mind). It does not have to take up that much time (around 15-20 minutes per day is a good start), it has no negative side-effects and there are only positive gains from it.

If you are new to meditation, and initially find it hard to get into the right “head space”, I would recommend using CDs which give you guided meditations and exercises, or downloads from the internet. One of my favourite downloads to use is this 10-minute sample, a track of especially relaxing music,  which help to slow your brain waves and deepen your relaxation, and mesmerising visuals, to play on your computer.

 I hope I have convinced anyone who doesn’t already meditate to give it a go! As ever, your votes and comments on this blog  are much appreciated.


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  1. Susan Keeping
    Susan Keeping
    I have thought about trying meditation. I already practice some deep breathing. Voted up
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  2. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #4 Thank you for the info, I want to learn to meditate but can't seem to slow my thoughts/brain down, the few times I was able to do it...I felt great after. Any tips on how to do it would be Awesome!
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    1. Broken English
      Broken English
      Thanks for the vote and comment! I would recommend getting a CD which gives guided meditations, they are the best place to start. You will find it gets easier with practice, it certainly is hard to slow your thoughts at first! Have a look on the internet for meditation CDs, you should be able to find a lot.
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  3. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Meditation definitely heals and rejuvenates deep inside...voted! :) Plz check out my latest on the first ever newspaper being launched for people with learning, comment n share if you liked it! :)
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    1. Broken English
      Broken English
      Thanks Shabs, checking out yours now!
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  4. sweedly
    Very good post. I know how helpful just taking the time to relax and avoiding stress can improve ones well-being, so this takes it a step further in relaxing your whole body. Voted.
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  5. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Broken English, vote, #12. Wow! Thanks for the info. I was told, that mediating slows down the body, mind, and soul a bit. Need to give this a try. How about with a person who has severe anxieties? What does that do for them? I have a 28 year old, that sure can sue this method of calming himself down a bit. The question is, would he do it though? That is something, that I need to get him to work on for himself. I"ll have to give this a try myself because, I am under a lot of stress and my 24 year old as well, as his brothers tells me to calm down. So, I will have to give this a try some time.
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  6. pftsusan
    #13.Great blog Maggie. I use this all the time when it comes to being behind on the rent. Works all the time. :-) Drop by my new blog, Copywriting. Check out the opportunities for yourself. Vote and share if you like it.
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  7. SignLanguage
    I pratice meditation at times. I don't do it regularly enough, though. Maybe I should find a way to make it part of my routine. Yoga is another one I need to take up again. Voted, of course, even though I am late. I've been off of this site a bit... I wrote about Deaf culture. Check it out!
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  8. Ajay
    Truly convinced... Thank you... and my vote for that...
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  9. Tara Richardson
    Tara Richardson
    I would love to take a minute and meditate but the voices in my head won't shut up. :) I do believe that this method of relaxation is wonderful and I need to give it another try. Thank you for sharing!
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