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Let's Accessorise!
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Let's Accessorise!

In this day and age technology has advanced so much that there are now many different types of wheelchairs, to suit every need. As a natural consequence of that there are also many diverse types of chair accessories which help to make life more comfortable and convenient for the disabled person. I am not a wheelchair-user myself, but I am sure I would be availing myself of quite a lot of these products, if I were chair-bound! A lot of them are really quite fun. To list the most common ones below:

Storage bags: You can get a commodious and useful bag which fits on to the back of the chair, and ones with a reflective strip are also available, to make sure you are seen when out at night. They usually have plenty of room for shopping, and a handle for use when not strapped to the chair. They are also water-resistant, for use in all weathers. Just the thing for a shopping trip. I would try to get different coloured ones to match my outfits, if possible!

Leg cosies: A kind of “sleeping bag” which fits over the legs to keep them warm. They are usually waterproof and fleece-lined, to keep the lower body cosy and dry in all weather conditions. You just zip yourself in and out of them.

Harness Supports: Harness supports are ideal for those who tend to slump forward in the wheelchair, to improve their posture, and prevent medical problems associated with that. They have straps which fit over the shoulders and chest and can be adjusted, and a waistband which is like a seatbelt. Users of this have said that it makes using the wheelchair more comfortable and prevents posture problems.

Seat Cushions: Usually made of different, breathable and waterproof materials, they come in different sizes to fit the seat, and make it generally more comfortable. They also come with a seat belt to keep them in place.

Leg Rests: There are several different types of detachable leg-rests which can be adjusted according to need. They help to keep the legs straight out and off the ground if necessary, and therefore make it more comfortable for the user, since having your legs in one position for long periods of time can be very painful.

Spoke Guards:  My favourite of all! These small discs which fit on to the spokes of the wheels to protect them come in a variety of colours and designs - you can get them with designs of bats, and ponies, for example! so they are eye-catching and fun.

There are several other products as well, but these are some of the main accessories I have found, which must certainly be of great value to those in wheelchairs.(You can get the wheels decorated as well, as the picture shows!) Most of these are available at

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  1. pftsusan
    I found this one to be a fun one. Voted. I invite you to my new one "Introducing the Robotic Wheelchair That is Your Legs For Steps, Curbs and Turns". Please vote and comment if you like it.
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  2. Carlotta C
    Voted. Decorated wheels and spokes sound very fun and creative!
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  3. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    Voted...great info
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  4. Zun
    This is a very fun post. thank you for sharing. Voted
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  5. Julie Sinclair
    Julie Sinclair
    Ms Broken English this is a very fun post you have written here. I am not sure all the young men I work with would buy a set of these wheels for their wheelchairs. I do like the design and might try and show them to some of the people I work with. This could be quite fun for them to have such fancy wheels on their wheelchairs. I would suggest to them instead of decorating your car wheel why not your wheelchair wheels.
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  6. Chuck Mathers
    This sounds very creative that's why we did an event like this hosted at Everyone had a great time on letting their creativity flow into the room!
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  7. Larry Lopez
    We had an event like this at I enjoyed decorative with the kids.
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