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LimbPower Adaptive Fitness Fun For Young Amputees
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LimbPower Adaptive Fitness Fun For Young Amputees

LimbPower is part of Sport England's #StayInWorkOut campaign.

LimbPower, a disability sports charity in the UK launched an adaptive sports session called "Adaptive Fitness Fun." The adaptive fitness fun sessions is put together to help young amputees stay fit.

LimbPower's adaptive fitness fun session is held twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). The workout sessions are led by Jack Eyers, a paracanoe athlete and first amputee to win bodybuilding competition in the UK.

LimbPower adaptive fitness fun is focused on improving fundamental movement skills, agility, balance, cardio and coordination in young amputees.

According to the chief executive of LimbPower, Kiera Roche: "The most important thing for a child with disabilities is mental and physical health wellbeing. The health of our children is paramount, particularly during lockdown."

"The adaptive fitness fun sessions will help children to get moving, improve their fitness and remain positive during these pandemics," Jack Eyers said. "I am a Paralympian and trainer, so I know that the twice a week sessions will make a huge difference in the lives of children with disabilities and their families."

Eyers is not just training the children, he is also helping himself get fit for the next Paralympic, and since the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics have been delayed to 2021, he is having enough time to continue to help young amputees in the UK stay fit.

"I put more effort into making the adaptive fitness fun sessions accessible for all. We keep to social distancing rules during our fitness fun sessions, but trust me, we feel united, happy and joyous like a single big family," Eyers said.

15 years old John Andrews said: "Staying idle for long periods of time makes me sick, but I have been feeling fit and fly after joining the free LimbPower adaptive fitness fun session."

Each session is around 25 minutes long, with the first six workouts being available on LimbPower's YouTube channel.

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  1. Mary McCain
    How I wish this is done in Florida!
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  2. giuliajones32
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  3. bobbrencher01
    Adaptive fitness is great. It really helps a lot.
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  4. Andy
    I know that there's Paralympics but never heard of this Limbpower Adaptive Fitness before. Anyway, I like the purpose and their mission. I'm wondering if the U.S. also has this program. Thank you for sharing and feel free to check our website at for quality deck building services in Georgetwon, TX.
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  5. caregiverincorona
    Incredible kids and incredible organization. Keep doing what you are doing. Do not let your disability define your future. Keep the body active, and keep the mind strong! Kudos and this is amazing! We need more of this around the globe!
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  6. Mike
    Happy about this initiative. Great work. Kudus from the crew at Roofing Honolulu
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  7. horeakaii2 is really impressed on how this news lightens up everyone's mood.
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  8. ChrstnaCo
    This makes my heart happy. Hope this is also done in other countries.
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  9. ManuelR
    This is what we call empowerment!
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  10. Queen of Wheels
    I have been receiving the same 2 articles in my email for a couple of months now. Please correct this or I will unsubscribe.
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  11. vicenzomorett1s
    As someone that have a relatives who are a young amputees, this will be a great way for them get some exercise. Check if you need a reliable bath remodeling service
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  12. David N
    Amazing dedication. Disability is not a barrier to reach your dream. Inspiration and dedication is the key to concur the condition. Despite having limitations, perseverance is the one that can make you continue what you are dreaming of. And a result of that, you can also inspire others, especially those who in good condition to reach for their dreams, as what you have done. Thank you! Best regards,
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  13. allenbarnes140
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  14. Keera1508
    We need a lot of empowering activities like these all over the world.
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  15. RJ Novice
    You are very inspiring. You just gave me so much reason to keep fighting. Cheers from
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  16. ivanaloonyo1
    You are all inspiring. I am just happy to come across a site like this. Happy Holidays from
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  17. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    No more recent posts? What's up?
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  18. samglennmaymay
    You are such an inspiration. I just noticed though that you did not post recently. I miss your wonderful content. By the way, you can visit for the best payroll or bookkeeping services.
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  19. masterdanimonekrj
    This is inspiring to read. I am so glad that despite the fact of being physically challenged, they are into fitness power. Greetings from
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  20. RollingThunder
    I really wish this was done in Chicago
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