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Limited Ability and Everyday Life – The New Beginning
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Limited Ability and Everyday Life – The New Beginning

People often take the ability to move for granted. They get up from bed, walk to work, and go jogging without paying attention to the fact that they’re moving without any constraints.

However, this can change in the blink of an eye. You don’t have to be an elderly citizen to experience limited mobility due to health issues. Fractured bones, sprained ankles, or broken joints can all cause changes in the functionality of your skeleton.

When faced with limited mobility, different people react in different ways. What’s important is not to fall into despair because limited mobility doesn’t necessarily mean limited living conditions.

Back to the roots – pursuing old interests

When we’re not able to perform some activities that we used to, there are two paths we can take. One of them leads to remorse and self-pity, while the other one makes your life even better than it was.

The latter path is a road of self-revelation, along which you will get to know yourself in a better way.

An efficient way to find this route is to remember what you liked to do when you were younger. Some people turn to the books they read when they were students. Others inspect their old boxes with records and CDs. Listening to your favorite musicians and reading your beloved authors can help you evoke parts of your inner self. In turn, this throwback can invigorate both your mind and your body.

If you used to play a musical instrument or had any other hobby as a youngster, it might be the right time to get back to those roots, as well.

Alternatively, if you’ve never played a single instrument, why wouldn’t you try it now? Check out these specially crafted instruments for differently-abled people.

Building resilience

When you’re dealing with limited mobility, it’s important not to mourn the things you can’t have. Instead, grasp all the beautiful things you can do and feel.

If you focus on your strong spots and turn to the positive aspects of your life, limited physical ability will open the gates to stronger mental, emotional, and social ability.

Along with focusing on the activities we've talked about in the previous section, you can make new friends and work on your social life. People with limited mobility often make more friends and acquaintances than they had before.

There are various associations of people with limited mobility who organize events for their members. Cafes, libraries, and cultural institutions often arrange special social sessions and concerts for this target audience. The more you expose yourself to new people, the more energy you’ll have to cope with some less bright periods.

And be ready for these moments, as well. Some days, or even weeks, will be tougher than others. However, when each of these episodes is over, you’ll be stronger than you were before them.

Finding inner peace in nature

Socialization is important for people facing limited ability, and spending time outdoors should also be an integral part of their lives.

Spending time in the sun is one of the most important things to do. Whether it's on a tiny balcony, on your porch, or in the park, soak the divine energy coming from the sun every day. Sunlight is beneficial for both our mind and body and it will make you feel better on different levels.

In warmer seasons, don’t hesitate to go for daily trips in nature. Depending on your location, you can try various things, from visiting forests and excursion sites to full-scale nature trips.

Of course, you might need assistance in these endeavors. Family members, personal assistants, and friends you’ve made through your new social activities are all welcome to join you. And for more demanding outings, foldable mobile scooters will enable you to move freely and explore new surroundings.

This combination of social pleasure and movement through nature will push the boundaries of your limitations and each of these experiences will make you feel prouder of yourself.


People of various generations can experience limited mobility at one point. When faced with such a challenge, focusing on your abilities is key. If your strong points become even stronger, your weak points will become less and less relevant.

Turn to things that make you happy and open your mind (and body) for new experiences. This kind of an attitude will help you overcome all the potential challenges along the way.

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