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Locked Out of the Loo (Or Karma in the Crapper)
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Locked Out of the Loo (Or Karma in the Crapper)

We've all been there--you're out shopping, at the theater, or at school, when nature calls. You’re in a modern building so no problem, right? So you go into the bathroom and push the handicapped stall door and... nothing. It's not that someone is using it. No, some anonymous prankster has locked the door from the inside, again.

When it comes to dealing with this issue, I see two options. Find another bathroom, or if you are feeling really brave, you could channel your inner gymnast and somehow transfer from your chair to a regular stall. Even if you can do this, then there is the question of what to do with your chair.

I was out shopping with my mom last night when I ran into this very situation. We both tried to open the door from the outside but to no avail. Right when we were about to give up, go home, and hope for the best, an employee came up to us and told us she would help. She proceeded to get down on that dirty nasty floor, crawl under the door, and unlock it from the other side!

This may not have seemed like a big deal to her, but to me it was. My faith in humanity had just gone down the toilet (that I previously had been locked out of) and she restored it. Thank you Halley, I won’t forget it.

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  1. SignLanguage
    I can't believe that still happens. Dear God, why do they do that??? Have you tried complaining to the manager of the locations where you're at, to see if they can try to spot who does it? Voted! If you're interested, my article is Those Darned Interpreters. Stop by when you have the chance!
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