Rolling Without Limits

Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

Look Up
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Look Up

I find that when facing more challenges in daily living, it makes it more difficult to do, what seems to be, the simplest little things.

This is something that not only those with additional needs face.

This poem is about empathy. This poem is about, knowing how hard it can be, to do, something as simple, as to keep your head up.

When you read this, go back to the time when you couldn’t. Then think about why you did. Why do you continue to lift your head, get up, and keep pursuing life?

This is my experience, but even without a having medical issues and resulting chronic fatigue, I’m sure everyone can relate on some level.

So, let us recognise that.

Let us all then, take it in turns, to motivate and encourage one another.

To do this one thing…



Look up

Can’t lift my head.

All is heavy, all is hurt.

Why should I?


People, music, nature.

They help, understand.

But I can’t stand.


Just look up.

At the good things.

Where the sound and light call you.


Look to hope.

Even for a moment.

Together, we can take it in turns.


To look up.

Here are my hands.

Listen to my voice.


Look at me.

I’m here, with you.

Helping you…


                                 To look up.   


A little of how I relate to these words:

I am someone who has mild CP, amongst other conditions, and often has a habit of pushing myself to the point where doing the simplest of things, such as standing up and taking care of myself is a challenge. 

I find that sometimes it's good to be around others who experience these things. We understand each other.

When I collapse and laugh at things that aren't really funny, drunk on fatigue, they laugh with me.

Holding my arm as we walk together through life's ups and downs.

This is the good side of humanity. 

Let us treasure it, rather than dwell on the bad.  



Image credit: Megan Campbell

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