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Looking for Love
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Looking for Love

I think it safe to say that everyone is, or was at some point in their life, searching for a bit of romance. It is only natural for a human to have those desires and I am no different. However, things are more difficult because of my disability. Yes, I am only 20 so haven’t been seeking a proper girlfriend for that long a time but there have been so many rejections in that short period, it has felt like I have been single forever. I haven’t even had one girlfriend and it’s no surprise that I feel that will not be coming to an end soon.

The reason I blame my disability for my failed love life is because when I was in Primary School and ‘normal’ so to speak, I was quite the little heartthrob. Girls actually wanted to go out with me and even wanted to kiss me. I can even remember marrying a few different girls (what a playa) using a Hula Hoop as a wedding ring. The change in how the opposite sex sees me now I am disabled is clear. I’m not stupid so I know when a girl looks at me and thinks “he doesn’t look that bad” but then is scared off when she clocks the wheelchair, hears my slurred voice or both.

Last year, I decided to start online dating because I thought it may be better if girls get to know me first before meeting so that my disability does not throw them. Obviously, my profile clearly states that I am in a wheelchair because that could potentially be the biggest shock ever on a first date so I am not sure what goes through some women’s brains. We’re chatting and getting on like a house on fire so decide to meet. She clearly is comfortable with the disability situation at first but then it dawns on her that she’ll be dating a disabled person so has to come up with an excuse last minute.

A lot of this shallowness I encounter comes from ignorance, which is why I’m constantly trying to make people more aware of disability.I completely understand why a girl wouldn’t want a disabled boyfriend. It’s just the fear of the unknown.

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  1. Doreen Gallien
    Doreen Gallien
    I understand. I find it so hard to find someone who can look beyond my disability.
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  2. wunderock
    Well, I think someone that is disabled has a small dating pool and wheelchair users have an even smaller one. It seems most women want more than I can give them. I'm 46, still single and no girlfriends to speak of in my life. You'd think Christian women would be more open to dating a wheelchair user, but that is just not the case. I couldn't even get a date with this woman I know that uses a wheelchair. I couldn't believe that one. I have Muscular Dystrophy and have been a wheelchair user for 25 years. I also battle depression from time to time. Disabled people do not get the same consideration that healthy people do from the opposite sex. I haven't really had a date in 4 years. I've kinda given up on finding a wife but I haven't stopped. I gets harder to date as you get older.
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  3. Larry Lopez
    I really had a hard time finding love, but the person for you will definitely come. I found mine while I am working at Never been so happy!
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