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Lowe's Employee Gifts a Custom-Built Wheelchair to an Injured Calf
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Lowe's Employee Gifts a Custom-Built Wheelchair to an Injured Calf

A Lowe's employee from MONROE, N.C gave an injured calf a new life by building a wheelchair for him.

Albemarle-based Kathryn Russell, who works at High Ridge Farms said recently in their farm there was celebrating of a newborn calf, Lowla.

According to Russell, Lowla birth was very normal like the other calf on the farm and she used to stay with her mother.

It all started after Lowla became three days old, Russell got a call from the neighbor informing that they thought the calf is dying in the farm, Russell said.

Russell said, some disturbance sounds were coming from the farm according to neighbors and later on when the neighbors went over there to see whats the issue, they found Lowla injured very badly.

She was so badly injured that she was not able to breathe and to stand. It was so shocking for her to know that Lowla was kicked by another cow in the head which left her unable to stand or properly lift her head to breathe or eat, she was almost about to die. Russell added.

"When I would put her mom in the shoot, I would have to hold Lowla to nurse because she couldn't hold her head up," Russell said. "But she was drinking well."

Russell decided to take Lowla to her house and do the treatment, that was the moment when she realized to has to do something more than this.

Russell knew that is going to be a tough time for the calf until she gets a wheelchair which helps her to move around. So she contacted the Lowe's Home Improvement and told the situation about Lowla to a worker named Beonka over there and she instantly said come on in.

According to Russell, as he told them the case about Lowla an employee named Keith, quickly began to work on Lowla's custom wheelchair.

The employee Keith showed Russell a design of the custom wheelchair and then took measurements of Lowla and directly started the work and didn't stop until he finished his job and didn't even take a lunch break.

Now, Lowla is regaining his strength with the help of her new wheelchair and Russell is looking forward to seeing Lowla walking without a wheelchair in a couple of months.

Russell is super proud of Lowla that soon she going to be normal as other calves on the farm. She is also thankful to Lowe's and their workers. Russell said without their help it would not be possible.

Image credit: WCNC\ Youtube Screencap

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