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M.E.L.T to treat Chronic Pain
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M.E.L.T to treat Chronic Pain

I’ve been reading a lot about M.E.L.T lately.  It’s the latest and greatest way to relieve chronic pain in the comfort of your own home.

Because I live with the ravages of Cerebral Palsy, I am rarely truly loose & in pain 99% of the time.

I bought the book M.E.L.T. and a foam roller she uses in the book and decided to give this a chance.

It’s similar to a myofascial release used by certain therapists and chiropractors. Only it is kicked up a notch and you are in control. The method is simple.

You sit/lay/roll on the foam rubber and find the painful spots and you linger there until the pain subsides. For me, and having CP, I have never truly felt relaxed until the first day I tried this.

I lay on the roller on my side and rolled up and down my leg; I started at the hip. I would stop and wait at each point that I found pain and felt the pain disappear, and feel my leg/toes relax for the first time in my life.

 It was beyond amazing! I worked on my hips and thighs because when you have low back pain like I do that’s usually the reason your hips are too tight.

The woman who wrote the book did so to help everyone deal with chronic pain, and I’m sure she had no idea what a big impact it would have on the life of someone struggling with Cerebral Palsy & stiffness.

Even if you don’t have pain and only stiffness this is a wonderful tool to use in your therapy exercise program. I was not loose for a second I was for the rest of the evening. My back pain dramatically diminished.

Nothing has ever instantly relaxed my muscles in such a dramatic fashion before. I felt it and as the result, I’ve been moving my feet up & down, and I couldn’t do that before because of how stiff my heel cords are, and my feet had a nice easy fluid motion to the movement for the first time.

Yes, I’m beyond excited about this new pain treatment and have cut down on meds as well. I encourage those with spastic CP and other conditions, which cause spastic muscles to check out this book.

It is already recommended for chronic pain for everyone else.

Try it and let me know what you think...


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