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MRS Wants More Employment Opportunities for People With Disabilities
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MRS Wants More Employment Opportunities for People With Disabilities

A survey by the National Federation for Independent Business, a small-business trade group, indicates the need for employees is strong. However, it found 37% of small businesses had jobs they couldn't fill in July.

Michigan is home to 1.3 million individuals with disabilities, according to Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), which provides specialized employment and education-related services to teens and adults with disabilities in order to help them secure and retain employment. Their services include things like career planning, helping people find jobs after an accident or illness, providing mobility equipment, and offering interview attire.  

As mentioned, the survey by the National Federation for Independent Business showed that although there is an increase in job openings, 37% of small business were unable to fill their positions last month. That's the highest proportion on records dating to back 1974, according to the Associated Press.

Most recently, statistics released by the U.S. Labor Department indicated there is 1 person out there for each of the 6.7 million job openings nationally, an even ratio of job seekers to job openings. That’s down from 6.5 people for every job opening in November 2009 during the recession.

While the employment of workers with disabilities is rising, their numbers remain low. And connecting people with disabilities to potential employers or vice versa is where Michigan Rehabilitation Services comes into play.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services will host its annual Real Talk event at National Disability Awareness Month in October.

Anahita Lord, the site manager for Michigan Rehabilitation Services in Pontiac says that in addition to connecting people with disabilities to potential employers, they also want to talk to their clients about the kinds of jobs available and both the soft and core skills that are needed to secure them. 

Let's hope employment numbers among people with disabilities continues to rise as these initiatives come to fruition. 

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  1. Hotwheels49
    Employers mistakenly think that the disabled population of workers will call off more often than those without disabilities. They also think that we will ask for unreasonable and costly accommodations such as permanent ramps and accessible restrooms. If the building has been renovated in the past two decades in a major way these minor accommodations should have been already made to the workplace as per diffdiffering city codes for buildings. This is a major stumbling block to finding employment. Once employers understand that those with a disability are not so different from the average worker then we can truly have a diverse source of workers that represent our population. Kudos for an article that pulls the covers off of the misinformation about the disabled workforce.
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