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MS Relapses and Finding Strength
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MS Relapses and Finding Strength

Multiple Sclerosis relapses are a severe test of your resolve. I know I have MS, but my way of dealing with my MS is all too often to act as if it does not bother me. But in all honesty, I find that when my brain runs wild at night among the quiet, that is when I feel my weakest. MS makes me feel so weak and useless. Then, somehow I find a way to feel strong enough to help others and that helps me. I know that pretending I don’t have MS is not going to make it go away. You just can’t wish it away, but you can’t let it beat you either

I am very good at fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities, and helping others. Now I am learning how to help myself through helping others. I am finding the strength to fight my MS.

For a while, I worked as a nurse’s aide.  I worked with MS daily. I set up the meds the and necessary appointments, but even with all of that, I never really knew anything about MS. I thought I did, but that was book smarts. Living with it is so much different

I understand I have to live with the tingle. That is how I get my screen name: Tinglemeyer. I am having a relapse currently, and I am having sight issues. My left leg won’t hold me up. It won’t hold weight at all.




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