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Macey's Journey
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Macey's Journey

As I was speaking with a friend two days ago, I was able to reflect on all that my daughter Macey has been through in her short life this far.

Most people would never know just by looking at my daughter that she is a Type 1 Diabetic.  And she is only 19 months old! Macey was born on June 30, 2011, a normal, healthy 5lb 13 oz little girl. We were exstatic to have her in our family! All was well and normal each month as she continued to grow and develop. Each coo and each sound and milestone was more excting than next. As Macey approached her 8th month here on this earth, it was a normal day at work for me and I received a call from Macey's Day Care provider shortly before it was time to pick her up. The call said that Macy didnt seem to be feeling well, and I should take her to the doctor and have her looked at.

Upon arriving to pick up Macey I too noticed she seemed a little out-of-it, and her breathing was a little off. I took her to Urgent Care as any mother would. Stats were taken, and she weighed in at close to 16 lbs, with a fever of 101 and oxygen levels at 100%. Once we were taken back to the room the doctor checked her over and told me she had pink eye and a yeast infection. While waiting for our prescprition she vomited and I again questioned the doctor when he came back and about her breathing.

I was assured that she was fine and just wasn't feeling well. Macey progressively got a little worse through the evening and was looking a little lethargic, so we put her to bed hoping she would be better in the morning. The next morning soon came, and at 4:30, I could hear a strnage noise coming from Macey's room. I went in to check on my baby and the sight I beheld was one I will never forget. Macey lay in her bed in a large puddle of her own urine with sunken eyes and a look that seemed as if she wasn't there any more, andshe  was barely breathing. After waking my husband, we uttered a quick family prayer and off I went to work while being in denile about everything, and hoped the situation wasn't as bad as I thought.

As soon as I left my husband also left for the hospital knowing that something was terribly wrong. Macey was immediately rushed back, and was surrounded by ten doctors and nurses trying to figure out what was wrong. Her stats were again taken and this time her temp went from 101 down to 93, her weight from 16 lbs down to only 12lbs and her oxygen levels were at a mere 20-30%. The doctors continued to work on our little girl trying to warm her and put her on oxygen when her blood samples came back with a blood sugar of over 900! The docotor told my husband that our daughter was Type 1 diabetic given the extremely high blood sugar and that she was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis; basically, that she was in a diabetic coma. Most adults go into this state with a blood sugar over 400. The doctor told my husband that he was extremely concerned for our daughter's life, and that she would need to be flown to the nearest childrens hospital which was thirty miles away. Had we waited another hour to bring her in, she would have stopped breathing.

 Upon my arrival to the hospital to wait for my baby all I could think of was how lucky we were that she had not died! How could I have not known how bad off she really was. Should I have done something differently? Seeing the helicopter land was the hardest moment in my life, seeing her little body wrapped up so only her face was showing and all the equipment she was hooked up to. My sweet little baby took up hardly any room on the large stretcher. I ran to her side as soon as I was allowed. We were told by the on-call doctor once we were inside, that her case was by far the worst he had ever seen and that Macey was still not out of the woods. Looking at my lifeless little baby laying in a crib moan and groan because she didn't know what was wrong was heart-wrenching.

To make the situation worse I was told I couldn't hold her, because of the fragile situation. The information we were giving next was also very hard to swallow. The doctor could only give her fluids to help lower her blood sugar, and if it dropped too quickly she could suffer brain swelling and possibly brain damage. After 24 hours and many visitors and prayers Macey's situation began to improve, and we then began our process of what is know a life-changing experience. My husband and I were then educated on how to take care of a Type 1 Diabetic. The whole process was taught to us over a course of five days, at which time we were released to go home.

I thank God each and every day that I still have my baby here on earth with us. Each day brings its share of challenges with Macey including developemental delays because of such a traumatic event in such a young persons life. We are constantly poking and checking her blood sugar, hoping she isnt too high or too low. Many times we have to wake her up twice a night to make sure she is safe and that her blood sugar is normal. Macey's life is anything but normal. But  she is such an amazing strong little person, that she never complains. I know that this experience has helped us to become closer as a family and stronger as a whole unit. I couldn't imagine how life would have been had we lost her

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  1. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Macy's mommy, this is such a heart warming blog. I am sorry that your little girl is having to go through so much at such a young age. My nephew's son dealt with Cerebal Palsy at birth. He had several complications which, resulted in his death. He was only 5 years old when the good Lord took him home. She is such an adorable little girl. Glad, that you are able to take care of her while you have her. Cherish every moment that you can while she is here.
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  2. SignLanguage
    I will suggest a book and hope you are open to reading something extremely controversial: The China Study. It will explain why your baby has diabetes and tell you how the medical field is wrong to tell you to feed your baby dairy. Going vegan will help your child. I know what you are going through because my brother also has type I diabetes and he was taken to the emergency often, too. I wish I had known back then what I know now. Voted. Please stop by my new piece, It's More than just Ease of Access, when you have the chance.
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  3. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Sorry that Macey has been through all this, but I agree with Sign Language: if you put her on a vegan diet, I think you will find her condition improves a lot. I know a few families whose children have been raised vegan and they have never been ill! You might be interested in my latest blog here, Following A Hunch, please check it out and vote if you like it.:-)
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  4. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #5 thank you for sharing, she is beautiful
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  5. bobrown06
    So glad Macey is still her with us, nice job Amber!!
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  6. pftsusan
    Voted. Macy is a blessing. Many in my family had respiratory problems or things that got them there as babies. Then they outgrew them and did well for themselves. She's a beauty. Relish every moment with her. I invite you to stop by my latest blog "We Are Not Asked To Change What We Are: The Bethany Hamilton Story. Please vote if she inspires you.
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    1. pftsusan
      Congratulations on making the top posts. How is Macey doing now?...When you get a chance to, please stop by mine.
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  7. snowball
    Macey is a wonderful special baby. We were in the hospital when she had one of her surgeries. She didn't cry once. Everytime we have seen her, she always has a smile or a giggle God gave her to Amber and Spencer because He knew she would need a lot of special care and love. She is my grand daughter.
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  8. sweedly
    This is a beautiful story and a prayer filled one as well. Thank you for sharing and I hope this little one continues to improve and live a healthy life. She is indeed a blessing. Voted!
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