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MagnaReady's Magnetic Adaptive Clothing Makes Getting Dressed Easier
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MagnaReady's Magnetic Adaptive Clothing Makes Getting Dressed Easier

Even small tasks such as getting dressed can appear daunting and difficult when you are living with a disability. MagnaReady is a clothing company that's leaving no stone unturned in the bid to make getting dressed a less stressful task for people with disabilities.

MagnaReady CEO Maura Horton came up with the concept of 'stress-free shirting' after her husband, Don was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at a young age. Don, who is a football coach by trade, was in the locker room trying to get dressed after a game, but much to his embarrassment he was not able to button his shirt. Don's disability restricted movement in his hands and as a result, he needed someone to help button his shirt for him.

When Don reached home, he was concerned about his incompetence to perform even a simple task such as buttoning his shirt properly. Realizing the possibility of a similar situation cropping up again, Horton decided to magnetically infuse the buttons of her husband's shirt, thus enabling him to perform his daily routine without requiring anyone's help.

MagnaReady shirts ousted traditional buttons in favor of magnetically infused ones that clip together by themselves at the front. To retain professional appearance without hampering ease of access to wearers, buttons are stitched on the outside. Since the shirts are magnetically infused, they are not recommended for people with pacemakers.

Aside from being magnetically infused, each MagnaReady shirt is wrinkle resistant, 100 percent cotton and hand stitched. They are up for grabs in an array of styles for both men and women. Each shirt comes bearing a $64.95 price tag. Citing the growing popularity of these shirts, the company is gearing up to introduce a line of pants in near future, Horton told The Mighty.

The shirts have garnered a positive response from users, who reach out on a daily basis to share their own journeys, Horton added. One customer who recently underwent hand surgery that left him with numbness in his fingers simply loved these shirts, she pointed out.

Along with big brands such as Runway of Dreams, which collaborates with Tommy Hilfiger to make adaptive clothing for kids, and ABI, Denim, makers of easy-to-remove jeans, MagnaReady was featured in White House fashion show 'Celebrating Inclusive Design' last year.


(Image: stevepb / Pixabay)

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