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Make Your Wheelchair A Thing of Beauty
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Make Your Wheelchair A Thing of Beauty

Some years ago, there was a very popular program on MTV called Pimp My Ride. This unique show led to some creative spin-offs such as Pimp My Wheelchair. The idea of these television programs was to take a tired old ugly car or simple, basic old wheelchair and turn it into a thing of beauty. If you have never seen these programes you can find them on youtube or see one episode of Pimp My Wheelchair here.

But making a wheelchair a thing of beauty is quite controversial. Some people love the idea and some people are very uncomfortable with it. Those who love the idea of Pimp My Wheelchair feel that their chair is an extension of their body and they seek beauty in everything about them. They want to express their individuality and show the world their tastes. Those who don't like the idea of pimping a wheelchair are usually concerned with the attention it might attract. They say that they are uncomfortable with the fact that people are staring at them as it is and do not want to give these people any more reason to do that. Both points of view are quite understandable and are a matter of personal opinion.

For those from the first group who agree with the idea of "Pimp My Wheelchair" and want to make their wheelchair more beautiful, I have created a post with five innovative ideas about how to make a wheelchair more stylish. There are probably more and if you can think of any more ways to improve the look or style of a wheelchair, please post them in the comments section below. And if you like this article, please click the like button below. Showing how much you like this article will encourage me to write more wheelchair related articles for you.

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  1. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Like shoes or clothes... it’s all a question of what is your style? Low key, or flashy? Sports chair or functional utility? Whatever makes you happy and comfortable. It’s individual preference .. good article.
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