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Making Your Wheelchair Accessible Dream Kitchen
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Making Your Wheelchair Accessible Dream Kitchen

It’s smart for your kitchen to be wheelchair accessible. Whether you are non-disabled person, living by yourself, are a landlord, or a wheelchair user, renovating your kitchen to make it more accessible welcomes everyone into the heart of your home. Whether you are looking at adjustable cabinetry or a sink with a wheelchair-accessible lower cabinet, there is something for every home.

Start With a Plan

You have to start with a plan of attack. If you’re going for the full remodel, how are you going to go about it?

Creating a remodel plan will allow you to put more budget into adjustable or wheelchair-accessible countertops. It’s important to be realistic with the space you have and what is accomplishable, but also to meet some of your wishlists.

Start with a wishlist: Do you want a handicap-accessible sink and a marble island more than anything? Craft your budget around that — perhaps you’ll go for a smaller fridge to accommodate those wants. Of course, shopping around for a professional who can help with installation can save you hours of work.

Dream Land

There is an ideal kitchen in your brain. If you don’t have one, spend some time shopping around and looking at magazines. Get Pinterest-y, pinning and saving ideas somewhere you can find them. I love the way hipster bars look, so things like antique light bulbs, bar stools, and wrought iron would be key points in my dream kitchen. For those in a wheelchair, those dreamland wishes could mean a lowered dimmer switch for easy access to that gorgeous amber glow — or even lighting low enough for a person who uses a wheelchair to change the light bulb themselves.

Improvements like these aren’t just for those in wheelchairs – they are vital if you want to invite all people into your home or if you plan to age in your current home, should you develop accessibility needs.

Sweat the Small Stuff

I don’t expect anyone to be utterly in love of their refrigerator. But marble countertops, the kitchen aid, or your wine storage fridge are things that may bring you a great amount of joy. A tiny built-in fridge that keeps humidity and temperature controlled for your wine may be it for you. If you really enjoy baking, an accessible countertop and oven may be utter game-changers. It may be silly to sweat the small stuff, but they may come out to being more expensive than you think and may bring you more joy than the glass-top stove.

No Compromises

“No compromises” might sound like something more fitting for war rather than a kitchen remodel, but not taking the downgrade, is worth it in the long run. There are many accessible options out there, but you will run into obstacles. The store you are at may not hold exactly what you want or the accessible option may take a moment to be shipped out, but a wait or an additional search is worth it. It’s the kitchen you are going to live with. Make it your dreamland.

Designing your dream kitchen can be a chore — especially if you are springing for an accessible kitchen. Create a plan, don’t compromise on your vision, and create a wishlist to really bring enjoyment back into the heart of your home. You can have a gorgeous kitchen that is accessible to all.

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