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Making a Change for Quality of Life
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Making a Change for Quality of Life

I have been finding that since my relapse, I have a much harder time controling my mouth, as it were. It is almost like the brain-mouth connection has been severed.

I believe it is partially due to my bottling things up and being frustrated about the way things are going for the disabled. For instance, we are the ones who need and depend on our medical benefits the most, yet we are often the last to get a raise and the first to take a substantive cut when those benefits change or expire.

I am tired of hearing about a disabled person being forced into a group home or nursing home just because they could no longer afford the cost of rent. Come on now. Are we back to the days were people would hide us away, ashamed that we were disabled? Something needs to be done to ensure our freedoms too. We may have some disabilities, and our bodies may not work perfectly, but we are still people and we still have feelings.

Who is looking out for us? We are! I have noticed that if we don’t look out for ourselves, the able-bodied, as well as the government will chip away at our freedoms by making life impossible for us. For example, let's say you make $800 a month or so on Disability, and and rents are averaging $1,200 or more, which is often the case. Where do you live? There is never enough low income housing in neighborhoods were you feel safe. They always put this housing in the heart of the city or way out on the outskirts were no one wants to live, and which also presents significant transportation challenges.

Prices are way to high. And then there are the creditors. Constant credit checks really hurt the poor and can make it impossible to ever get ahead. If you have ever been divorced or had something happen in your life where you were late on something, your credit takes a hit and it can have damaging reprecussions on your life for years to come.

Well, I am here to say that not all, but most people with a chronic or devastating disease have had their credit suffer similarly to their bodies.  It is time we come together and do something about it. We need to make people take notice of common practices that hurt the disabled. Let's force them to make a change for the better, for all of us.


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