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Mama Bear's Big Push
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Mama Bear's Big Push

So I'm new to America and new to your site. I'm 'roundincircles' from Swansea, Wales and round in circles because Babybear, my gorgeous son of 26 would only ever do this if I wasn't behind his manual wheelchair pushing him.

And what a job it is too. I'm tall and thin, willowy/twiggy if you like. Babybear is taller and far less willowy. Phew. I'll be honest, he is one of twin,s and in the days when I was pushing them both round in a double buggy, that was hard enough. All mothers and fathers could relate to it, I'm sure-- the stiff door that means you have to reverse it open, do a back wheel 90 degree spin whilst trying not to catapault the toddlers into the back of someone's leg. Oh and keep smiling and holding on to the sense of humour at the same time. Grrrrr.

Of course when my other 'little boy' grew up it got easier, as Babybear progressed to a 'major buggy'. It was light and foldable but still meant negotiating doors, aisles full of clothes that were too close together and wapped him in the face. And that was as well as the totally inaccessible travelators, toilets and curbs that exist EVERYWHERE. More Grrrr.

Time rolled on and Babybear, as I say, gorgeous and now 26, has to use a wheelchair. He is a bit of a miracle because, he was never going to walk at all according to the 'experts'. We worked on it and he can still manage a few steps on his tip toes, which means he can get round the house indepenedently. He needs the wheelchair for out and about though. Oh and I hate it. It is such hard work! Haul it out the car – and I only have a little car which means lifting it over the edge. Pull it and click it so that it falls into shape and then help the main man get in. I loath it when it rains. Loath it loath it loath it. And that's before we get anywhere near a shop, or pedestrian 'disabled friendly' ramp.

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  1. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Nice to see another British blogger here on this site, and I enjoyed your piece above! Please check out my latest one, Don't Run Before You Can Walk!, and if you like it, your vote is appreciated. :-)
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  2. SignLanguage
    Great article! Voted! Please stop by my new article and vote if you like it! Deafies in a Wheelchair
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  3. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #6 Babybear...that's cute!
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