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Mandatory Question You Should Ask From Your Cancer Specialist
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Mandatory Question You Should Ask From Your Cancer Specialist

Your mind may reel and there may be a lot of anxiety when you are diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the cancer treatment scenario and methods have improved over a period of time and there are now much improved therapeutic procedures present that can cure cancer. Cancer treatment is especially useful in the preliminary stages and hence it is important for you to approach an oncologist and the best cancer hospital in India if you find any symptom of the disease.

Oncologists present to you only the facts and hence it is important for you to be proactive and to ask the questions yourself. Here are important questions that you should ask your cancer treatment provider.

1. Who would you recommend for getting a second opinion?

When the disease is as grave as cancer, it is important to get multiple opinions. While your cancer doctor and cancer hospital therapist may present you certain facts and give you information, it would be good if you ask for a review. There are many different sub-specialties present within the field of Oncology and the second opinion may improve your chances of getting a more precise treatment. Hence you should ask your doctor about his recommendation for getting a second opinion on your condition.

2. Are there any clinical trials?

Patients who participated in the clinical trials at a cancer hospital in India often had better treatment and improved faster when compared to the other patients. Hence you should ask your therapy provider your chances of participating in a clinical trial and what chances you have to get a worthwhile treatment and solution.

3. What are the costs associated with the treatment?

Cancer treatment can be quite costly as the medications and care may be pricey. Knowing the cost involved will help you choose the right channels from where you can get monetary benefits. You can review your insurance policy and see whether you get any benefits for this critical illness. You may also approach the other "aid" providing societies that offer monetary help for cancer treatment.

4. What are the treatment options available?

There are multiple treatment options available now for treating cancer. These include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and other kinds of therapies. You should also talk to the doctor to know which treatment course does he recommend for you. The information will help you evaluate your choices and know which therapeutic method would be most potent for you to get well soon.

5. What would be the effect on fertility?

This question is of immense is important, especially for young people. Early consultation and information will help you manage the medical scenario better. The best oncology hospital in India and therapists will provide you with all the information.

6. What are my survival chances?

Sometimes cancer may be in advanced stages and the therapy may not able to cure it. In many cultures people, as well as doctors, do not like to talk about death, but when it is cancer you should know what the actual endgame is. You may like yourself to be transferred to a hospice if the situation demands so. The information will also help you lower your anxiety and know what lies ahead.

Cancer can be treated fully if you choose a proper hospital that has special facilities and is attended by oncologists of varying specialties. Choose a leading hospital today to get the best treatment and most modern therapeutic care.

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