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Marianna Ten Mile Creek is Now Accessible
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Marianna Ten Mile Creek is Now Accessible

There are a lot of people who want to go on an adventure, marvel at the beauty of our planet and enjoy the breathtaking view of nature. Good thing the Marianna Ten Mile Creek is now wheelchair-accessible.

Ed Fink, a resident of Pittsburgh, recently enjoyed a wonderful sunny day near the banks of Ten Mile Creek water trail. This war veteran, who had been longing to spend an hour or two at the creek, was able to do so while using his battery-operated wheelchair. Thanks to the new asphalt ramp that made Marianna wheelchair-accessible.

It was about four years ago when the ramp project started. It was initiated when the property upstream has been leased by the West Bethlehem Township. For years, that upstream spot has been used for the annual canoe race. But since it’s already for rent, the starting point of the race had to be moved more than 400 meters downstream the Marianna dam.

The new take-out spot was known to be just a “deer path”. It means that people need to climb the trail over the hill and then go down to the creek for the race. Because of such difficulty, the Marianna Outdoorsmen Association (MOA), a nonprofit organization, decided to build or construct a ramp.

In order to fund the ramp construction, the association received financial aid from large corporations. EQT Corporation, one of the biggest natural gas producers in the Appalachian Basin, donated a generous amount of $24,725. The corporation is known to own and operate more than 13,000 natural gas wells.

Chevron Corporation, a US-based multinational energy corporation, also gave funds for the ramp project. The American company, known to be active in almost 200 countries, handed the association a hefty amount of $10,000 to help support the construction of the asphalt ramp.

The ramp project was also funded by other organizations, including Pennsylvania Conservancy which gave $4,000. An amount of $5,000 from the rental tax of the hotel rooms in Washington County was also allocated for the said project.

Ed and other members of the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc., a charitable organization, extended their appreciation to the MOA. With the asphalt ramp, they are able to access the creek to enjoy the canoe race or even spend their days basking in the warm sunlight.

Now that Marianna is wheelchair-accessible, everyone can enjoy the creek anytime of the week without difficulty, thanks to the efforts of MOA and the generosity of other organizations.

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