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Marvellous Breakthroughs in Wheelchair Designs
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Marvellous Breakthroughs in Wheelchair Designs

In today’s day and age, advancement in technology and the widespread expansion of the internet is preventing the world from resting for even a minute. While this may seem like a bad thing for many, the Internet of Things should be appreciated for bringing about some major benefits too, one of them being  – a feeling a social inclusion among people. Right now, unexpected breakthroughs in wheelchair designs are enabling people with disabilities ease of movement all around the world.  

Propelling Inclusion Through the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things basically involves connecting various devices and gadgets straight to the internet so that they can perform at an optimum level, at all times. For a couple of years now, researchers have spent hours trying to create a wheelchair that stands out and enables complete mobility.

They have been striving to remove all barriers that prevent people with disabilities from moving around the place normally. While some innovations seem more risky than safe, they are still a move in the right direction.

Exposing Some Breakthrough Developments

One of latest designs that engineers had come out with, was known as the Chiba Chair. This wheelchair has wheels that convert themselves into legs. Despite the brilliance of the idea, it did not seem too steady to become a success.

Another marvellous breakthrough in wheelchair design, that has got people anxiously waiting for its release, is the stair climbing chair, called Scewo. As we all know, ease of movement lies in the simplicity of the design and this chair that is expected to hit the market soon, is boasting precisely that.

Unveiling the Scewo

Having begun with just a cardboard model, this wheelchair is expected to revolutionise the lives of people with disabilities. Designed to provide users with comfortable and fluid movement, it has large wheels that enable it to overcome obstacles and manoeuvre itself easily on all kinds of streets.

The Scewo is designed to have a compact structure but the feature that is the real talk of the town is its ability to climb stairs. Yes, you heard right. Although the Scewo project is growing every day, it is still in need of financial support before it can turn into a reality.  

Some of the other outstanding features that this wheelchair is packing in include the ability to elevate oneself, to traverse complex terrains, enjoy night movement with LED lights, along with a space for one’s smartphone, allowing the person to connect with others at all times.  

Experience Smarter Cities with IoT for People Who Are Handicapped

With the IoT, this century is aiming to create an intelligent network that will be able to sort and manage data and use this to improve the lives of citizens for the better. Several sectors, such as health and education, are already reaping the benefits of using the IoT, facilitating better living for all.

The IoT for the people who are handicapped is geared toward creating smart cities that will work to provide its citizens with ease of movement along with reducing waste generation and improving energy efficiency.

For now, small developments like a new feature of Google Maps that shows areas that are wheelchair accessible will certainly go a long way in aiding the various marvellous breakthroughs that are taking place in wheelchair designs.

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