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May: New artificial intelligence for testing businesses inclusion and accessibility
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May: New artificial intelligence for testing businesses inclusion and accessibility

Maven, a tech company based in Adelaide, Australia has developed a content-based bot called Maven's May Bot to help monitor businesses' levels of inclusion and accessibility. The conversational artificial intelligence will take businesses through questions and scenarios to test and score their inclusion and accessibility.

“Disability is not a one-sized fitting issue. the outcome of access done by a human can be biased or based on limited knowledge, it is important to have an artificial intelligence bot check the inclusion and accessibility level of businesses,” Eva Purvis, one of the designers of May said.

The bot will help the employer develop the level of accessibility needed by potential staff, it also serves as a way of checking in, and then [the employer] can decide how to go about getting additional assistance for potential staff with disability.

The bot gives employers tips and tricks on how to improve their inclusion and accessibility, as well as information about where to seek further advice and links to the appropriate legislation.

Businesses need to be more than inclusive on paper, there are many businesses that pay lip service to accessibility and inclusion out there. The May bot will guide business on how to develop the right inclusive and accessible business plan,” Purvis said

Finding a job with disabilities can be really tough if businesses are not being guided on the benefit of inclusive employment and the fact that disability employment is not expensive.

The bot will also be used for potential staff assessment, it will help potential staff understand the level of accessibility at their potential workplace, it will also help them understand what the business has to offer.

The May bot is also going to be useful for an accessible business survey, keeping feedback and implementation of improvement requests from clients. The bot is accessible in text and audio format, so it is simple and accessible to all.

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