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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain
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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

I have been researching medical marijuana to help the effects of my chronic pain, which is a result of my Cerebral Palsy. I cannot tolerate the drugs doctors have been offering me over the years. I've been told that when taking marijuana for CP it manages:

  • pain
  • stiffness
  • muscle spasms

I have a friend, Jacqueline Patterson, who uses medical marijuana, so that she can be the best mom she can be to her three beautiful children. Being a mom can be a struggle, but having chronic pain associated with Cerebral Palsy, makes it even more so. Jacqueline has a severe stutter, and it makes it almost impossible for her to carry on a conversation. She also has stiffness and pain in her hands and arms that makes her daily life very complicated and frustrating.

Here is Jacqueline Talking about her Experience

Marijuana relaxes all of her muscles, so she can talk more smoothly, and her hands and arms can relax, which makes everyday life easier. Jacqueline focuses much of her free time on educating people about marijuana and how it helps alleviate the suffering of so many. The medicines many doctors are willing to prescribe for pain and suffering, are often much worse than medical marijuana. I have heard from people who have CP, who take some medicinal marijuana at night and when they wake up. For these individuals, the effects last all day, without any unwanted side effects.

I am not talking about recreational use here. I am talking about using this plant as medicine to change the lives of people who are suffering.Liquor is legal and I don’t see any medicinal value in it whatsoever. It's merely used for entertainment. It doesn't help someone who has medical issues, and it very often actually creates medical issues. 

  • FACT: Fifteen thousand people die from alcohol-related diseases every year.
  • FACT: Nobody dies from marijuana use.

Many people who could benefit from medical marijuana aren’t allowed the freedom to get their hands on it without going to the doctor and getting a script, followed by finding a dispensary who will do their personal assessment. It's a complicated system for getting their medication. I would agree with this method if it were about medical insurance helping to pay for medicinal marijuana, like any other medication.  But I have found out that medical insurance will not pay for medical marijuana. So why are we forced to jump through so many hoops? People can go down to the liquor store and get whatever they want as long as they don't break the law. And legislators obviously don't care that much about the health of our nation, or they wouldn't allow the sale of cigarettes.  The way I see it, people use alcohol to relax and wind down after a busy day. Why is that okay, when many people suffer from chronic pain and need tools like medicinal marijuana to help to relax and/or manage pain after a hard day? 

Thankfully, the tides are starting to change and some people are now getting the relief they desperately need.




Photo by Jamal Fanaian

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  1. Rolling STICKSandSTONES
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  2. Albquerquehoodz
    I am also a supporter of Marijuana legalization as medical marijuana. My dad who used to work at, experiences chronic pain and Marijuana helped him a lot.
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