Rolling Without Limits

Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

Meet Chris, And Stay Inspired
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Meet Chris, And Stay Inspired

Can you picture one’s life without arms and legs? Can you imagine that person getting through every day without the ability to walk, take care of his daily basic needs or hug his family and friends? Well Chris can, because he has been living his life without both arms and legs. Meet Chris, and stay inspired.

Tetra-amelia syndrome is a very rare form of an autosomal recessive congenital disorder wherein it is characterized by the absence of both upper and lower extremities. Without any medical explanation or warning, Chris was born with this disorder; he had no arms and legs. Chris works in a farm at Moorpark, California, the Apricot Lane Farms. He said he has been farming since he was young, and until now.

Everyone knows that this kind of work requires hard physical labor. But for Chris, his limitations were not a hindrance for him to do things in the farm.

Though there are things Chris cannot do, such as driving legally, operating a chainsaw (and Chris said he never really tried), weed-whacking or swimming, he never saw his limitations as an obstacle. He can even joke about himself and have a hearty laugh like if he is dropped in a pool along with a bowling ball, he would reach the bottom first.

Growing up, Chris showed extraordinary independence. He said that he owed that attitude to his parents who treated him exactly they would a kid without physical disabilities. Even though he was young, he was eager to work on his parents’ farm. He even refused to put on the prosthesis designed for his arms when he went to school.

While in the farm, people working there immediately knew there was so little Chris could not do or handle. They were all inspired of how this young man manages his job at the farm competently.

Chris can operate a tractor. He can go skateboarding in the street. He can even write legibly and clearly. Chris was able to cope and even overcome the many great physical challenges in his life. In fact, he even gracefully navigated the most awkward and difficult moments he encountered and experienced.

Chris can do everything a normal person can. In fact, he can even do more and he does everything with a happy heart. His positive outlook in life and his steadfast determination are a result of his acceptance of who he is.

Chris is fully aware of his condition, his physical limitations and other things attached to it. But these never hindered him to live life independently and productively. He never allowed his incapacities to limit him. He strived to do great things despite his lack. Chris is one person anyone can be proud of. He is a man who always sees things positively. He did not allow his condition to rob him of opportunities he meets on his doorstep.

His simple acceptance of himself, his parents love and support, and his positive outlook and determination are the things that drive Chris to do more, hope for more, and live life to the fullest. Meet Chris, and stay inspired.

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