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Meet Iowan Farmer Adam Skog and how he Never Gave up
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Meet Iowan Farmer Adam Skog and how he Never Gave up

One might think that honor and courage are traits that belong solely to soldiers. But more than anything else, it’s about never giving up and “standing tall” to face life’s tribulations. But what if you can no longer literally “stand tall”? What if your entire way of life is turned upside down? What would you do then?

When young farmer Adam Skog encountered an accident that paralyzed his body from the waist down, one would think that he’d change his outlook on life. But as it is, he did more than that and forged on. Farming is one of the most arduous callings one may choose. It’s a way of life that not many go into because of what’s required. You work on the land and try to coax nature into producing. The hours are so demanding such that you just have to put it in extra work or you won’t reap a good harvest. More than that, you use your body to change the landscape and convince it to produce crops. Suffice to say, farming is a job where the work gets done only when it’s done.

Farming: not just a job, it’s a way of life

Reading the story of Adam Skog can bring tears to a grown man’s eyes. His courage and persistence shines forth as an example of how much dedication is needed for this particular way of life.

In his own words, “That’s one thing that I do not like to do is call and ask for help.

That’s the true mark of independent mindedness and adherence to an unwritten code of laws that some would argue only farmers could understand.

As I write this, I could imagine him trying to get up his combine using only his upper body strength. I could see him forging ahead for hours on end finishing the job that needs finishing. I surmise that even taking a break under the glare of the sun would be quite a challenge. Reaching out and getting a pitcher of cold water or lemonade needs a little bit of innovation.

If the situation seems impossible, do the impossible. The limits that we think we have are mostly in our minds. Things will get rough and things will not be easy. Sometimes, it’s okay to ask for a little help even if it’s just the little things. It takes a pinch of humility and a dash of insight to see that we all need each other in this world.

If you’re reading this right now and have been inspired by this story, the message is clear: never let go of your dreams. Never give up on your passion. Life can have its drastic changes and there are times when all we can do is adapt. But sometimes we have to push the limits to know how far we can go.


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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
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      Thank you very much. Adam's story is truly remarkable. Can't imagine doing that myself.
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