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Meet Stella Young: Comedian, Journalist, Disability Advocate
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Meet Stella Young: Comedian, Journalist, Disability Advocate

  Spunky, engaging, intelligent, articulate, and not afraid to speak the truth are just some of the ways you might describe Stella Young. A comedian, journalist, editor of the website Ramp Up, Stella Young has built her career on and dedicated her life’s work to giving light to important disability issues, dispelling myths and sharing the truth about life as a member of the disability community.

On advocacy

Stella serves on several disability councils in her community, advocating for issues related to women’s rights and accessibility. She recently hosted a TED Talk online in which she gives her take on inspiration porn and the objectification of disability. In this TED Talk, she explains that we have been lied to – that social media ad images have propagated the idea that disability is something exception or something to inspire the able-bodied community. She is breaking down the belief that images of disabled people should be used to inspire non-disabled people. She supports her points with the social model of disability which states that we are more disabled by our society than by our bodies and diagnosis. She leaves her audience with her wishes for the world and the perception of people with disabilities – a world where disability is not the exception, but the norm. Check out her entire talk on YouTube

On journalism

Stella earned her undergraduate degree in journalism and has since leveraged her university expertise in both her advocacy roles and throughout her comedy. She is well versed in disability schools of thought and theories and even spent time as a teacher, allowing kids to learn that having a teacher who uses a disability shouldn’t be considered an oddity, but a part of accepted society.

On comedy

If there is one thing all audiences can take away from Stella’s performances, it’s that she is not afraid to tell it like it is and comedy gives her the perfect venue to bring humor into the sometimes unbelievable comments and experiences she has had because of her disability. She recently commented on her comedy style over Twitter, stating “jokes about sensitive things can be well done. The subject of a joke is not necessarily the target of a joke.” She recently wrapped up her latest comedy tour in Australia called “Tales from the Crip.”

Check out some of her best comedy videos on YouTube, like this video of Stella as a Mermaid, sharing a laugh about one of her most awkward encounters here:  

To learn more about Stella, check out her website

Or follow her on Twitter:

Have you seen Stella speak or read any of her work? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. pftsusan
    Thank you for introducing Stella. I watched the video and I thought that is was funny and that it is very creative how she does her commedy.
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